NFT Games

Top 10 NFT Games

The world economy is changing and people often choose remote work instead of real work, and the next stage is work in the virtual gaming world! See our  10 best NFT games that allow you not only to play, but … Read more

The best VR headset in 2021

There are a whole host of games released in 2020 that make having the right Virtual Reality (VR) headset a must. Whether it is Half-Life: Alyx or Star Wars: Squadrons, the action is so much more immersive when viewed from … Read more

Eggs Catcher VR New Game Release, have announced a new game – Eggs Catcher VR. This game is an opportunity to feel nostalgic, remind yourself of the favourite game of the 1980s and look at the old traditions through the lens of virtual reality. It … Read more

Into The Radius VR Game

Into the Radius VR – Game Review

The premise Arriving in the Oculus store Early Access in February 2020, Into the Radius is a single-player survival shooter that has been developed for gameplay on VR headsets. As a player, you are sent out to stalk through a … Read more

Best VR Games in 2019

At one time, the idea of virtual reality was the stuff of science fiction. Yet in the last few years, VR has broken through into mainstream gaming. Now that the demanding PC requirements have become more affordable and technology has … Read more

VR Travel & Tourism

  Over the past few years, virtual reality or VR technology has taken off in a big way. VR headsets are now being sold to mainstream consumers in vast numbers, with the video gaming industry extolling their virtues. However, other … Read more

Virtual Reality FAQ

Virtual Reality (VR) FAQ

Virtual reality (VR) is a virtual world created with the help of hardware and software, transmitted to humans through touch, hearing, as well as vision and, in some cases, smell. It is the combination of all these applications on human … Read more