300000 people now use Meta Horizon

A social virtual reality platform that lets you meet others online in hyper- realistic environments has reached three hundred thousand active users!

Meta has finally released their 300k user mark! This is a huge milestone for them and shows how many people want to try out this new social VR platform that was created by Facebook.

It’s been a few months since Horizon Worlds became widely available, and it seems that the platform is still in its growing pains. While monthly user numbers have not yet stabilized at higher than daily users for this social product type (as reported), we can see from other platforms like Instagram or Facebook how quickly their popularity grew before trending downward over time- perhaps indicating what might happen here too?

The success of the Quest headset over this past holiday season certainly helped draw interest from people trying out Horizon. However, it’s unclear how many headsets have been sold to date – making comparing them difficult as well.

Quest’s growth is staggering. Not only has it exceeded 10 million users, but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Meta will be releasing a mobile version of their award winning game later this year so people can enjoy “the early meta-universe experience” on more surfaces outside virtual reality!