A.D. 2047 Demo-Recano Games

Released May 2018 3.3★
2017 HTC Vive VDA2 Best — Immersion Experience Award.

2017 Tencent GAD Game Innovation Competition — Best VR Game Award.

2017 GCC VR/AR/AI Industry Application Competition — Best Visual Effect Award.

2017 IndiePlay China Independent Game Competition — Best Narrative Nomination.


A thrilling, love and hate, VR interactive movie Tour

The sudden car accident involved you, a detective, into serial killings.

With the in-depth investigation, you will find that the colorful city intertwined with the strength of the parties’ complot.

Only rely on your own hand to find the murderer, you can prevent the repeated fatal murder……


-Interactive Movie Game.

A more dramatic plot.Immersive experience of memorable shock story;Meet characters with rich charisma.Give players all previous emotional experiences.

-Immersive Operation

Overall evolution of the traditional game experience, The dimension of the operation breaks though the controller limitation.


Present the tension of movies faithfully. Make the players experience the exciting feeling of blood spurt and adrenaline rush.

User Reviews

Nov 11, 2018

Jul 09, 2018
First, my system is a Win10 OS, Samsung Odyssey WMR, i7 CPU, and GTX1070 Graphics card:
At 17.6GB this Demo is HUGH! It does load, but the image is double vision. Closing one eye allowed me to discover that the bottom red target is the language botton. Clicking it allows me to select English (mispelled as “Engilish”). Selecting Start was successful, and the game graphics promise to be outstanding; and the gameplay, and dialog are very intriguing.
Can’t wait to see the release price point.

Jan 20, 2019
Well, lets’ start from the beginning.
When you launch the game it’s in chinese language, luckily there’s only two options and the second one allow you to choose english. I’d rather to have english as default to be honest. Sadly there are no subtitle and since english is not my native sometimes i miss to understand what they say.
The graphic looks like very clear and of high quality but it lacks antialiasing (it’s very jagged, too much actually.). I hope the full version will be better..
It last only a couple of minutes but you can feel that the immersion can be great.
I also hope the full version will allow free movements (walking/sprinting) instead of pre-made spots where you only point your hands to teleport there.
Another suggestion, please allow to hold objects by not holding down the grip buttons but only by clicking them once.

Keeping an eye on this game is a must.

Nov 25, 2018
excellent prose

Jul 02, 2018

Oct 04, 2018
Hope it gets working for oculus.My Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ.

Jan 14, 2019
1. 預設語言殘體中文
2. 一開始到爐頭就進行不下去了, 沒有教學

Oct 15, 2018

There is image only on monitor, black screen on the hmd. And it lags much.

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