Airranger-Chesstar Studios

Released Jan 2019 4.1★
Airranger is a bow and arrow multiplayer game. Nothing in usual in the realm of conventional gaming, sure, but it makes for one of the best VR game with a headset donned. You can move around or fly to the sky, as well as use your unique bow and arrow weapon to defeat all your opponents in your own way — only the last one standing can win.

Key Features:

1.New Experience
Move with the arrow! When you shoot out an Arrow, you will move with it, and you can shoot another one when you are moving! So if you’re trying to jump into incredible worlds and take your adventure to the next level of immersion, you’re in the right spot.

2. Wonderful Combat Experience
Combat Experience is an interactive 3D game that will rise your adrenaline. You must scavenge resources Join every battle and defeat them all just so you can show everyone that you are the best. Know your opponent, anticipating his every move and not let him win. Enjoy the latest VR game.

3. A Variety of Weapons And Equipment With Different Characteristics
Short Bow, Scatter Bow, Repeating Bow, Sniper Bow, Composite Bow, each bow has its special place
Energy shield, protective helmet and armor can protect you.
Balance bar allows you to get a more accurate aiming system
Energy module can make your bow more powerful

4. A variety of powerful arrows
Explosive arrows and frozen arrows are very valuable combat resources. How to use them skillfully can help you win the game!

5. Free Collocation of Weapons in the Store
– You can buy a variety of clothes, hats, gloves, arrow skin, arrow tails, flight effects, etc. in the store to make you different
– Open the supply package, you can get various items in the store

6.Various Game Modes
(1) Battle Royale mode (alone) – Single game supports 10 people to fight together, who is the last strong final winner
(2) Battle Royale mode (with a friend in a duo) – double team joins the battle, when the teammate falls to the ground, you can rescue him and continue to fight
(3) War mode – Smaller map, faster pace, you can be resurrected after death, the battle can be extremely intense
(4) Bomb mode – You can only shoot the explosion arrow, use the shock wave of explosive arrow to destroy the opponent!
(5) Guardian mode [updating] – Guarding human refuge, eliminating all kinds of zombies, team spirit and skillful manipulation can save you more humans

User Reviews

Feb 28, 2019
Didnt expected much.. but this is incredibly fun… Best thing since War Dust.. get on it..

Viveport User
Jul 21, 2019
Much better than fortnite. Jumping around is fun and easy

Sep 04, 2019
SO MUCH fun. We ended up buying it. A million times funner than fortnite

Jul 27, 2019
not bad at all. i exspected to get in and see no one playing this. i was wrong.
very fun. so fun i stayed in for a good bit and lost track of time.
i like how i have support with oculus
i well be back on here in a bit. like to get more time in this one

Jul 02, 2019
This is my favorite VR game. Once you get used to the mechanics, it feels very natural to switch between bows and arrow types while flying through the air. I wish more people played this game. If you have Viveport Infinity, please try this game!

Jun 29, 2019
a bit hard to get used to but still really fun.

Sep 24, 2019
Good game pvp at ala fortnite. regards

Aug 04, 2019
Very fun, though seems like I have won a lot. Not sure if I am playing AI or really bad (new players). I usually get smoked in fortnite, but can actually win at this game. (Note: to grab things, point a closed fist at the item, don’t try and point at it with your arrow or finger. Took me a while to figure that out, and it really helps to know.)

May 23, 2019
This game is absolutely awesome. Takes some practice to hit other players, but nothing a little time in the fire range won’t improve.

Loki Ward
Apr 20, 2019
both me and my son love this game the fun modes are fun and the battle royal mode has been addictive as we have been ranking up

Apr 14, 2019
This game is awesome!!! hope the player base of VR will grow soon. if so, I will play this game many times!! believe me, try this game out. even with the bots its fun for a few hours of fun.

congrats for the creaters of this game. keep up the good work

Apr 06, 2019
I found this game to be pretty awesome! Once you get used to the controls it becomes a lot of fun. Each kill is so satisfying, like taking one person out with a long shot with your bow. The next while flying towards in mid air and getting that sweet head shot and the last but not least, jumping right behind stealth like and taking them out with your katana.

I highly recommend this game and the lobby has always been active and full 🙂

Apr 04, 2019
Muy divertido con unas mecanicas geniales y un multijugador perfectamente diseñado, un modo historia le vendria genial la verdad, el modo grafico tira a rollo REC ROOM pero perfectamente implementado y con un rendimiento genial

Aug 11, 2019
Had to change my review. This game started out with such promise, then either they changed it or I became a certain level and the game play changed significantly.

The primary change had to do with availability of ammo and arrow types. Now, there are virtually none and you waste most of the time just searching for some rather than fighting. Most of the time getting killed by someone who found some before you.

Went from terrific to terrible.

Aug 03, 2019
Game won’t launch, stuck on the first title… Too bad, tried to repair, reboot… The only game of my library doing this 🙁
edit : finally able to launch it after a full delete + install. Now let’s try this 🙂

Sep 02, 2019

I’ve been playing VR games for about a year now and this is my new favorite. Currently there seems to always people online playing, the game play is great, good controls. I highly recommend this game.

Jun 25, 2019

Avoid if you’re left handed. Everytime I start a game it switches the hands on me. I choose left handed from lobby, then when I start a game it says my right hand is my left and forces me to play right handed. This makes the game unplayable for me. Seems like it could be a cool game so if this ever gets fixed I will update my review.

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