Alchemist Defender VR-TreeView Studios

Released Dec 2017 2.5★
TreeView Studio’s Alchemist Defender VR is a tower defense strategy game designed from ground up to be enjoyed on high end Virtual Reality devices. The game balances tower defense mechanics with intense first person combat using melee and ranged weapons.

Take on the role of a Master Alchemist who after years of researching and crafting tools to find the Philosopher’s Stone, have invented a portal to new worlds. The energy of those lands will fuel your final journey to reach the Stone.

To your surprise you are confronted by a rebellion in each world you plan to consume. Now in the midst of glory only a final resistance stands between the Alchemist and absolute power.

Will you be able to stand your ground and dominate those who resist?

Key Features:

– Carefully balanced tower defense game-play.
– 4 full featured levels.
– Each level composed of 10 waves of incremental difficulty inspired in the Golden Ratio.
– Three sets of Turrets: Fast Cannon, Frost and Mortar.
– VR Diegetic Game UI displayed as the Alchemist Spell Book.
– Melee first person VR combat using: War Hammer, Spiked Mace, Chain Flail and Ice Sword.
– Ranged first person combat using Musketoon style firing arm, Explosive Crossbow, Grenade Launcher and Chemthrower.
– Proximity mine power weapons including explosive blast, chemical shock, ice shot and void hole.
– Turret relocation.
– Multi class enemies for each level.


Alchemist Defender VR was launched as Early Access inApril 2007. We have come a long way from the initial Early Access launch to the current live version. We have a Discord Server with all of the Development Team and fellow Alchemists. We would love to discuss any aspects of the game including game design, game balance and bugs through our discord. Just send us a private message to join.


Developed and published by TreeView Studios

Producer and Developer: Horacio Torrendell
3D Artist and Level Designer: Maximiliano Kossyrczyk
Audio Design, Composer and Video Production: Guillermo Ferres
UI/UX and Game Design: Joaquin Guelfi
Developer: Lucas Szolno
PR: Jesus Fabre

Additional Credits:

Joaquin Amespil
Federico Marquez
Manufactura K4
Rohit Kotiveetil
Alex Gomersall

User Reviews

Jun 28, 2018
WE are the users

May 10, 2018
Good in it’s execution in feeling like a tower defense game, and not some purely experiential thing. — Now that being said, I need to warn people that: there are only 3 towers to choose from (and 3 unique abilties), and with no customization. 4 levels with a potential bonus, this is soemwhat lacking for $20+ in my opinion.

Dec 27, 2017
I really want to love this game. But i’m struggling.
*note: i have only played about 30/45 minutes so far

I have a real issue with this game, with the fact that i cannot seem to move my location very easily. I can move in my room. But i have a small play space most of the time. So being able to get a good view is really tough for me. And in a game where you really need to have a good view point to succeed well, its a bit of a pain. I imagine if you have a large playspace, this game would be awesome. But for me that is struggling to get the minimum playspace. Its kinda makes this game suck a bit.

What i would like, is a teleport method to move around the map a bit more. And maybe a way to zoom out a bit, or something.

I like the game, but i think it needs just a touch more. 3 stars, as i cant justify “really good, 4 star”, but its more than “just alright”.

Jul 04, 2019

Double vision problem on windows mixed reality.

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