American Museum of Natural History’s T. rex: Skeleton Crew-Vive Studios

Released Jul 2019 5.0★
Assemble Tyrannosaurus rex fossil bones to create a magical museum exhibit. Then witness your T. rex come to life, as you travel back in time 66 million years to the end of the Age of Dinosaurs, when flying reptiles glided through the skies and T. rex was the world’s apex predator. Experience T. rex in its natural habitat, a warm and wet environment in what is now Hell Creek, Montana.

A special “guided tour” mode is unlocked after gameplay. Meet paleontologist Mark Norell, a curator from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and world-renowned T. rex expert. Learn how scientists study this formidable creature. How fast could T. rex run? What happened when it lost a tooth? Could it sit on its nest? What does fossil poop tell us about its hunting habits?

T. rex: Skeleton Crew was developed by the American Museum of Natural History in partnership with HTC VIVE, and in collaboration with Immersion VR. A shorter, multiplayer version of the game is featured in the Museum’s exhibition T. rex: The Ultimate Predator.

User Reviews

Jul 29, 2019
Fairly educational experience with the T-Rex, even to include the fact that we don’t really know, but believe from other findings, what they were like. Found throwing the bones in place kind of fun and glad there was a way to raise yourself as some bones were a little harder to throw to the right spot for me.

Aug 05, 2019
Fantastic job guys! I really enjoyed each part of the experience package. Good educational material, and a great way to get a full sense of how the T-Rex might have been.

Oct 16, 2019
a short and fun educaitonal experience with a minigame.

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