Released Mar 2017
Anna, a world famous bounty hunter, her adventures, must be wonderful!
Deadly Rescue: within a small western town overnight become zombies paradise, Anna entrusted to rescue survivors!
Under Ground: an underground cave full of mystery and fear, Anna must use her wisdom and skill to find the root causes of evil!
Dinosaur Crisis: In the eastern Pacific Ocean on an island, is located in the world’s only dinosaur theme park, attracting a large number of tourists every month! Suddenly one day, originally domesticated dinosaurs crazy and rushed out of the park, frenzied attack tourists, the island became an instant purgatory!
A week later, through the investigation, the cause of the incident led to a secret experiment on the island! Anna’s goal is to find the laboratory on the island to collect the data of the experiment!

Operation: 1. The left hand control props, the right hand handle control weapons, press the trigger button to attack, disk button to swicth weapons
2. Press the left hand disk button to move
3. Throwing weapons need to press the trigger button after thrown forward
4. Melee weapons need press down the trigger button and wielding to attack
Tips: Now you can freely choose chapters to experience, subsequent chapters is going to be added!

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