Ancient Huntsmen-广州逆渡信息技术有限公司

Released Jan 2017
In the ancient days, Pangu ( a mythological figure ) created the Huaxia (an ancient name for China )world, the lives of the common people were rendered happy. But one day, monsters came to Huaxia world. Huaxia civilization was on the verge of destruction.

There are two roles in Ancient Huntsmen for players to rescue the ancient civilization. One is the archer huntsmen,
who holds a magical bow forged of stone from the ancient time and is able to launch feather
arrow with infinite power, which can cause a great deal of damage rapidly. The other one is the guardian wizard, who holds an ancient encyclopedia which is capable of manipulating elements power from all over the world. It has excellent performance in launching wide range offensive and bringing about great injury. Confronting the divine power of the ancient god, how will the Huaxia people tackle it? Could the players help the Huaxia people in repelling the demo, fighting against with the divine power and rebuilding the civilization eventually?

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