Another Plank-AnotheReality Srl

Released Mar 2019 4.0★
Are you ready to face your fear?
Walk inside the elevator and get ready to reach a 90 meters-high floor on a skyscraper under construction.
Your hearbeat gets faster and faster, the door opens and the challenge begins: in front of you a plank and the city all under your feet. Will you be brave enough to walk through and jump into the void?
Live the immersivity of virtual reality everywhere with Another Plank, the first breathtaking plank experience developed and optimized for VIVE Focus headset.

NOTE: In case of encountering warning message regarding to “out of boundary”, please turn off the virtual wall in the settings.

User Reviews

Apr 09, 2019
Highly recommended

Jun 29, 2019
Short but fun

Jun 29, 2019
Short but fun

Apr 15, 2019
Alright so I wanted to use my subscription on VivePort to get 5 free games of choice each month. When I downloaded and launched this game it just gave me a message about launching it from a mobile device. So the results are basically, If you are playing on PC, it wont work.

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