Apple’s virtual reality headset might only work with an iPhone.

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Apple is developing an AR / VR headset that will pair with an iPhone or other I device from Apple.

The headset will connect to the iPhone via Wi-Fi. The principle of its operation will be similar to the first Apple Watch, when the main operations were performed on a smartphone.

The company has developed a 5-nanometer chip for a virtual reality headset.. It is weaker than the processors in the iPhone and Mac and does not support artificial intelligence or machine learning.

The chip is designed to transfer large amounts of data quickly and improve energy efficiency.

Sources do not exclude that the headset will be able to independently perform a limited number of tasks.

Apple is expected to introduce an AR / VR headset in 2022. But its presentation could be pushed back to 2023 if the company faces new development challenges.

Questions about Apple’s virtual reality headset

  1. When will Apple release VR?

    The date is not confirmed yet.
    “Apple Glasses aren't expected to launch as soon as Facebook's product, with some analysts suggesting the device won't arrive before 2023, but there are competing suggestions that the company may be launching a mixed-reality headset much sooner than that. However, nothing is as yet confirmed.” – source

  2. Does Apple have a VR headset?

    At the moment (09 Sep 2021) there is no commercially available VR headset from Apple, but there are rumors that they are actively working on one.

  3. Is Apple working on VR ?

    Yes Apple is working on VR a part from rumours about AR/ VR headset there are a few approved patents for example: Dynamic focus 3D display

    “A direct retinal projector system that provides dynamic focusing for virtual reality (VR) and/or augmented reality (AR) is described. A direct retinal projector system scans images, pixel by pixel, directly onto the subject's retinas. This allows individual pixels to be optically affected dynamically as the images are scanned to the subject's retinas. Dynamic focusing components and techniques are described that may be used in a direct retinal projector system to dynamically and correctly focus each pixel in VR images as the images are being scanned to a subject's eyes. This allows objects, surfaces, etc. that are intended to appear at different distances in a scene to be projected to the subject's eyes at the correct depths.” – source

  4. How Apple AR / VR headset can look like?

    We have not seen any prototypes yet, but we have seen an interesting sketch from see it here.

  5. How much AR / VR headset will cost? 

    Cause there is no official information available about apple AR / VR headset price we are estimating it between $999 and $1,599