Arcade Artist-Groove Jones

Released Oct 2016 2.7★
Viveport Developer Award 2017: Create Runner-up

Arcade Artist is an experience that combines the unique exploration of a creative playground along with casual arcade activities that makes this VR experience perfect for all age groups.

The team behind the Arcade Artist wanted to create a world that allows you to step into a fantastical place where you can IMAGINE, CREATE ART and CAUSE CHAOS.

With simple and intuitive tools, like the Laser Light Etcher, Velocity Brush, and Paintball Blaster Prototype #7, you can get lost. Players will be surprised and delighted on how much fun VR can be. Especially when they unlock hidden surprises within the world.

Discover the world of Arcade Artist.

User Reviews

Oct 15, 2016
Fun and highly promising VR experience. Family loved it and my daughter didn’t want to stop. San’t wait to see future additions to it.

Oct 18, 2016
Although the game may be lacking in features at the moment I quite enjoyed splashing around paint blobs and writing in the beautifully designed world the developers have created. Not to mention the music which may be a single track lopped, adds quite a bit to the immersion. As the game is still quite early in development (and I can only assume that there is more to come??) I would recommend trying this out for yourself for such a reasonable price.

Aug 26, 2018
Make a mess using paint in VR without the cleanup. I don’t know that VR is suitable for children, but this game would be good for kids.

Dec 01, 2016
I absolutely love this, but the whole environment has a haze which distracts from the wonder and beauty of the world! If it could be more vibrant this would really be hard to leave. The hidden surprises are a nice touch.

Jul 01, 2019
A really cute idea, nice graphics and the controls feel very realistic but this is not going to entertain an adult past about 4 minutes. This would be great for a child that is familiar with VR controls and likes to paint.

You are standing in an enclosed space, standing room, and there are nice things to look at and interact with. you can throw paint balls at things and play with the match three board in the area. There is a blank canvass to paint as well as 3d painting.

Nov 27, 2016
This game is not worth it. its playing with some ink. there’s also no undo/delete option. this is more like an demo then an full game. DO NOT BUY

Nov 26, 2016

This game is a waist of it and buy something more entertaining. The children whom played this game was bored after 3mins top. It has nothing more to do than just throw different color paint. If you want an experience check out tilt paint…so much better.

Nov 25, 2016

This Game has no content it has 2 canvases but you are to far to actual paint anything nice. This is not a game i would urge that you not buy this (*Experience*) as you will be disappointed at the 5 min of true gameplay.(The team behind the Arcade Artist wanted to create a world that allows you to step into a fantastical place where you can IMAGINE, CREATE ART and CAUSE CHAOS). Create Chaos by throwing paint at blocks and knocking them over as they fall and re-stack. Your not even aloud to teleport around this small area which is a terrible decision as the player feels locked away from the fun. I was very wishfull in thinking that you could leave a orb of paint in the air but not even that you are forced to throw them .

Oct 29, 2016

inutile, sans aucun intérêt ni créatif, juste un fourre tout d’objet autour de vous. On se demande s’il y a un jeu dedans, un puissance 4 ? non
possibilité de vraiment dessiner ? non, puisqu’on n’aque trop peu d’outil et aucun moyen d’effacer, ni de sauvegarder.
Juste lancer des boules de peintures autour de sois ne constitue pas un jeu.
Direction la corbeille

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