ARK Park-Snail Games USA

Released Mar 2018 3.0★
ARK Park is a virtual reality multiplayer adventure game designed from the ground up to immersive players in a realistic dinosaur theme park. This interactive experience will fulfill your dreams of entering a world where living, breathing dinosaurs still roam the Earth. Freely explore this grand, virtual world where there’s no set plot line or schedule. Join your friends in multiplayer park tours to share the thrill of witnessing over a hundred prehistoric creatures up-close and personal.

User Reviews

Dec 18, 2018
The setting looks promising. But technically it is awful.
It it is so blurry, even at “high” settings, that for me it is unplayable.
The Steam Version seems to be able to be made sharper by editing the rScreenpercentage Value in the DefaultEngine.ini, but it doesn’t work with the Viveport Version!
Developers please let users change the Supersampling and deactivate the horrible antialiasing, or at least make the settings accessible!

Dec 16, 2018

Just don’t. Read other reviews on steam, they were right.

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