Assassin’s Creed Nexus

It might have been easy to forget that an Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR game (working title Nexus) was in development in 2020. It was supposed to be an Oculus VR (now Meta) exclusive, but budget cuts at Meta meant that the deal fell through.

Ubisoft has reportedly given up on the title. According to a Reddit leak, the game features Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Kassandra, Connor and Haytham.

Assassin’s Creed’s first foray into virtual reality

When it comes to virtual reality, Ubisoft seems to be all in. The company has had a lot of success with the genre and plans for more. The first foray into VR is reportedly called Nexus, and it will let players take on missions such as Ezio, Kassandra, Connor, and Haytham. These are the games’ former protagonists and master assassins, so hopes are high. It will also be a great way to experience the franchise’s history.

The company’s Red Storm Entertainment team will reportedly develop the game. It will be released for the Oculus Quest and offer the player a chance to visit various locations from the franchise’s history. According to a report from Insider Gaming, the game will feature 16 missions. The player will control Ezio for six missions, Kassandra for four, and Connor for five.

There are some doubts about the existence of Assassin’s Creed Nexus, but a leaker on Reddit claims to have played it. The leaker has posted images of the Animus menu and some in-game footage. However, it is important to note that this is unreliable and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

It has all the hallmarks of an Assassin’s Creed game, including stealth movement, pickpocketing, lock picking, and combat. The gameplay is quite different from a traditional Assassin’s Creed title, though, as the player will need to wait for enemies to lower their guard before attacking. This could result from the game being designed for VR and not a traditional console.

Nexus is expected to launch in September 2023. The game is also believed to be available for multiple VR headsets. This is a positive development, as Ubisoft has had a difficult time with many of its titles in the past year. It has cancelled a Splinter Cell VR game, Ghost Recon Frontline, and several unannounced titles.

The latest report from Insider Gaming suggests that Ubisoft is confident that Assassin’s Creed Nexus will be a successful VR game and is already discussing a sequel. This is especially interesting because a sequel will be designed from the start with a multi-platform play in mind.

It’s a stealth title

When a renowned publisher like Ubisoft releases a new title, it usually garners attention from gamers and media outlets. Typically, trailers and gameplay showcases are thrown around to build hype for the game ahead of its release. However, leaks are always a risk regarding these high-profile titles, and Nexus is no exception. Although Nexus hasn’t even been released, rumours have already circulated about the game.

According to Insider Gaming, the Assassin’s Creed VR title will get a sequel. The game is doing so well that Ubisoft has started internal discussions about a Nexus 2. However, it must be mentioned that these are just rumours for now, as Ubisoft has made no official announcement.

Interestingly, the source claims that Nexus will be a stealth-focused title, but it will still feature all of the trademark franchise elements, such as a leap of faith. This is quite a departure from previous Assassin’s Creed titles, which have always featured an open world and lots of side missions. Nevertheless, it’s great to see the series branching into different genres to appeal to more gamers.

Nexus is also expected to bring back fan-favourite Assassins such as Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Kassandra, Connor and Haytham. Players will be able to choose from them on a per-mission basis. Moreover, the game is said to have 16 full missions that will allow players to fill in the shoes of different assassins across various historical periods.

Besides being a stealth title, Nexus should also offer all the core franchise mechanics, such as lock picking, pickpocketing, combat and the famous parkour-esque climbing. The game will reportedly have two types of movement; the controller analogue stick and teleportation, designed to help players avoid motion sickness in VR.

Initially, the game was planned to be a Meta Quest exclusive, but that may no longer be the case. A recent leak by a user on the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours forum suggests that Nexus will also work with other headsets.

It’s a climbing game

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most popular video game franchises out there, and the series has cemented itself as a leader in virtual reality gaming. The upcoming Assassin’s Creed Nexus will be the first VR entry into the series, and it will feature the trademark gameplay of the series in an entirely new format. While many people are excited about this new game, it’s important to remember that it’s still early days for the VR genre, and there are many technical issues to overcome before we get to see games like Nexus in action.

The game has been spotted in the wild, and according to a leaked user interface, it will feature a variety of missions set in multiple locations and periods. In addition, it will include several fan-favourite characters, including Ezio, Kassandra, Connor, and Haytham Kenway.

Nexus will also have some traditional Assassin’s Creed features, including stealth movement, pickpocketing, lock picking, combat, and the famous leap of faith. The game will reportedly have 16 individual missions, along with a tutorial to help players get familiar with the gameplay.

In addition to the usual gameplay, Nexus will have some special effects, such as a physics-based jump system that will let players jump off high places in a way that would be impossible in real life. In addition, the game will allow players to teleport to bespoke points in the environment, making it easier for them to navigate the world.

Another interesting addition is a holographic map, which will show the player their current location in the world and let them see other assassins nearby. The holographic map will also show other important information, such as the locations of enemies and items they can pick up.

Until recently, the Assassin’s Creed VR game was expected to launch in 2023 alongside Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Splinter Cell VR. However, this project was cancelled due to budget cuts at Meta (the company that owns the Oculus brand). Nevertheless, Ubisoft may still be working on a new VR title for the Assassin’s Creed series.

It’s a platformer

Ubisoft has been struggling with its VR efforts lately, notably cancelling a supposed Splinter Cell title and a few other games. However, the company might have a new Assassin’s Creed VR game. According to Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming, the company is planning a sequel to its first VR game, which will be ready for a multi-platform release.

The unnamed game was originally slated to be an exclusive for the Meta Quest 2 headset. However, the deal has reportedly been terminated due to budget cuts at Meta. The game could be published on other VR platforms, including PlayStation VR.

According to the rumour, Nexus will offer all the franchise’s core gameplay elements, including stealth movement, lock picking, pickpocketing, combat, and parkour-esque climbing. Players can also take on missions as famous assassins such as Ezio, Kassandra, and Connor.

Considering that the rumour was first reported in April, it might be too early for a confirmation from Ubisoft. Still, if the report is true, it is good news for fans of the franchise.

One of the key differences between this rumoured VR game and other Assassin’s Creed titles is that it will feature smooth locomotion and teleportation. The latter option will allow players to move quickly around the environment, while the former will allow them to walk around more slowly. Both options will be accompanied by a sound meter, indicating how loud a player is.

Another interesting aspect of the game is that it will be a self-contained experience. Players can complete the 16 missions in a few hours, and there won’t be any open-world content. This is a huge departure from how other Assassin’s Creed titles are played.

While many details about the game are still unknown, it looks like it will be an excellent addition to the VR library. It will allow fans to immerse themselves in the series in a new way and hopefully encourage more people to try out virtual reality.