Awake: Episode One-Start VR

Released Dec 2018 3.8★
AWAKE is an unforgettable, thought-provoking experience; seamlessly blending complex environments with photo realistic volumetric video to create a new benchmark in immersive cinema. You are a new presence in the story of Harry; a man obsessed with solving a mysterious lucid dream.

Enter the world of AWAKE, a ground-breaking first-person cinematic VR thriller, that blurs the line between memories, dreams and reality.

* A genre-defining 20-minute immersive cinematic experience
* Designed for room-scale VR
* Thought-provoking, mind-bending and mysterious
* A complex narrative riddled with intrigue
* Hollywood cast delivering best-in-class performances
* 15+ minutes of stunning Volumetric Video performance capture
* Light-interactive story progression
* Photo-realistic sets and special effects
* Cinematic score and spine-tingling audio design

Alternative VR Hardware
AWAKE: Episode One was designed to be a room-scale virtual reality experience, and optimised for the HTC Vive. We plan to release a Windows Mixed Reality version in early 2019 and an Oculus Rift version soon after.

Future Episodes
AWAKE: Episode One is the opening chapter of an epic eight part series, exploring the nature of reality and the human condition in all its levels.

What if humanity is on the edge of a radical evolutionary awakening; the perfect instrument for reshaping the fabric of our universe? Future episodes get closer to unlocking deeper truths about what these collective dreams mean, with each episode deploying story-driven interactive mechanics unique to each plot, empowering audiences to learn new abilities in manipulating reality.

User Reviews

Feb 22, 2019
great vr experience….next episode can’t come soon enough

Dec 12, 2018
Very nice, cant wait to watch the other episodes.

Dec 20, 2018
Beautiful, best ‘360 video’ like production so far.

May 10, 2019
Absolutely incredible short-story episode. It’s more of a semi-interactive movie where you are the camera overlooking and watching what unfolds. Highly would recommend.

Definately looking forward to episode 2.

Apr 09, 2019
well thought out detailed experience. Amazing how this technology and a story well told and directed can give you an amazing realistic experience. Can’t wait for more episodes from this team.

Mar 08, 2019
It was the best VR video/film I’ve seen so far:
+ Very immersive (usually the biggest problem with VR movies)
+ Great soundtrack
+ Interesting recreation of the actors
+ Great recreation of the room

– Hardly any interaction through the environments (beyond passing a scene and picking up a single object)
– Poor graphics

Mar 01, 2019
amazing immersive VR.. both the room and objects around you, and the amazing motion capture / digitisation of the actors. A new approach to VR storytelling. Feel like Im going to dream about this one.

Mar 06, 2019
cool VR story telling experience. I’m a huge fan of Alan Watts. This is cool like an Inception type of thing. looking forward to the next episode.

Apr 06, 2019
I can’t get this game to work. I keep getting an Unreal Engine 4 Crash report within seconds of being in the game. Please fix this problem.

Jul 05, 2019
Lovely digitisation of characters. LA Noire style! However, story and interactivity are pretty limited. Pretty low res on a vive pro as well.

May 03, 2019
Cool I guess if you like watching someone’s marriage fall apart, because that’s all you do.

Apr 22, 2019
A decent experience that highlights the potential of volumetric capture in VR film making.

– The stand out piece in this experience is the lead males acting. He acting is very convincing.
– Particle fx were nicely integrated.
– Audio is very good, and really compliments the narrative.

– Poor loading between scenes means constant returning to the “Vive room”, breaking the immersion every few minutes.
– As great a job as the team did, the experience itself is just not that interesting. The story didn’t grip me at any given time, and while I enjoyed the volumetric capture style, the environment was a bit bland and forgettable.

Price: I bought this for €6.59, which I think is potentially on the high side. I would not pay another €6 for a second chapter.

– Shorten the intro sequence showing about 10 different producers. The developers do the work.

Apr 15, 2019
While there were aspects of this game that were amazing visually, when you look more closely there was a crazy amount of glitching all over the place with textures constantly moving.

All in all a good little interactive movie, but dissapointing when you take into account the detail and the length of the game.

I’m glad that I actually got this via infinity and didn’t pay for it or I would have been very dissapointed.

Chiheb Kaibi
May 12, 2019
It is just a movie. The quality is not so good and the story is interesting but not great though. Get it if it’s free but not worth much.

Apr 06, 2019

Way too much money for such little content. The episode is far too short and lacks real engagement. Fun concept, sure, but this is a one-time play and discard event. Zero value for money. This needs to be included in the subscription service. As a standalone it’s not worth the money.

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