Ball and 虚世界

Released Oct 2016 3.0★
VR experience store battle is designed for the VR experience store and the development of two people and multiplayer real-time PK game, suitable to play, play on the music instant experience needs. At the same time we for the next line store experience VR promotion in the game scene provides a billboard (please VR experience store owner with the QQ group: 14363918 to master your advertisement and pictures).

The game is divided into “random” and “friends” two modes. “Random” is a good choice for you to meet strangers. In the “friend” you can enter a password, the other side of the main input password, you can be in the same room PK.

“VR experience of the war on the ball ball game” can choose the role of 4 journey to the west, to support multiple voice chat, at the beginning of each role has 100 points. Was shot by the other side minus 5 points (female minus 3 points, yes! In this virtual world, like the real world, men and women are unequal. Quickly bring your boyfriend / girlfriend to the nearest VR experience store for a gentleman’s game.

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Oct 05, 2018

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