Released Feb 2018 3.4★
It’s time to become a hero.

“BE THE HERO” is a VR single play action game in which the player becomes a hero to save the city from the enemies. You can become the hero who everyone used to dreamed of.

Movement experience beyond the reality
“BE THE HERO” brings you a movement experience beyond the reality. You will become a ninja and run through buildings at ultra high speed and run across the walls. You can also use the sword to move three-dimensionally.
Our mission is to achieve the freedom beyond the reality in the VR space.
We have developed and implemented number of new movement systems which have been never seen in the other VR games.
Play this game and BE THE HERO in the unlimit freedom.

Storytelling by comic, and Hero Action by VR.
The storytelling of “BE THE HERO” is done by comic. In the end of the story part, the player is seamlessly dragged into the VR space for the battle actions. You can experience as if you dive into the world of comic and become the hero.

[Initial Contents for the Prototype version]
– Playable character : the Ninja hero “KUROGANE”
– VR Comic : 2 episodes
– Action Stage : 1 Stage
– Playable time : 1~2 hours

User Reviews

May 23, 2018
This is a fantastic proof of concept. There’s a definite layer of jankiness that you would expect in a prototype; graphics can be summarized as programmer art, multiple times I found the sword sheath caught on what I assumed to be my player model, and climbing especially feels awkward.

However, the running and wall running feel quite good, the comic book story panels are a bit fun, and the feeling of cutting through an enemy in the same movement that you unsheath your sword as you’re running past is definitely worth the download.

May 13, 2018
If this is the future of visual storytelling in VR, I am looking forward to the future. A nice blend of comic book style story-telling and controls that feel good. A few bugs that make the game hard to complete in areas but overall the game feels amazing.

May 05, 2019
This seemed like a great game, until I got to the climbing tutorial. It’s so buggy that it’s impossible to get past. When I try to pull myself up, it instead somehow pushes me backwards.

Mar 31, 2019
I tried, I really did. The first batch of baddies you take down while running- I missed one, and it didnt tell me that, the turning mechanism is horrid. I love the comic style, I like idea, but when I FINALLY got to the climing part, I was done after my 4th attempt.

This will be a good experience when it’s done.

Mar 15, 2019
Was decent vr comic wise. Gameplay was bland, linear, and had no real depth. the “fights” were easy and consisted of just swingning my arms back and forth, then slashing. The “1-2 hours playable time” is accurate for the average gamer sure, but the game can be completed in about 10-20 minutes if someone can grasp the poorly structured tutorial on their first go.

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