Beach Cry of VR-北京大星传媒有限公司

Released Jan 2018 3.0★
“Beach Cry”, the game was made from Beijing Daxing media has got big update recently. It added level setting, five boss from myths and legends make debuts! Brand new magic theme let the game has a new life, more details waiting for you.

Add level, combat with boss from myths and legends

The new level setting let you to choose the boss for each level, there are Boa monster , Medusa, Scorpion enchantress, Giant spider, Octopus monster. Levels’ style would change if you choose different level, for example Giant spider would in a huge canyon, Octopus monster would in the ocean. You can choose any level to experience on the basis of your interest. What’s more, be careful the bikini beauty zombies, they would appear anytime and anywhere to kill you!

Magic theme, bring better shooting experience
New version game add magic element, it’s just like you’re in a magical world. Thunder and lightning, flying sand and rolling pebbles, all kind of effect let you have even more real world! Guns and shooting experience is more overall update, totally different battle feeling we have.

The story line update, go the dangerous area to rescue hostages
Not only simple to kill zombies, the challenges of boss, but also rescue hostages successfully, then you can win the game finally.

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