Beer Pong VR-Axis Granted Creations

Released Apr 2018

Beer Pong VR brings the classic party game into the VR world of competitive gaming. With multiple immersive environments to play in, we guarantee they will bridge the gap between reality and the Virtual world and make you interact with virtual materials. Word of advice, use the straps. The table is not real. What are the benefits of playing Beer Pong in VR exactly? No more chasing pong balls and no more spilling your precious beer with this fast-paced arcade-style game. Beer Pong VR is fun, fast, challenging Caution some say it is addictive.

Polish your skills at the pong table for hours on end and get ready to challenge your friends in the upcoming Online Multiplayer update!

So what systems will it work with?

Currently, the game works with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Touch systems.

How do you play?

You can play in single or multiplayer local play and have 2 unique environments to play in a basement or party room. The play actions are all controlled by the handheld motion device, to select items to push the top button for the laser pointer and bottom button for selection of menu items. To play just reach for a ball and have it located right in front of the controller and select and hold the bottom button to grab a ball. When you throw the ball release the button at the position you which to throw.

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