Best mods for Skyrim? – Find the top ones here

Discovering a New Tamriel: The Essential Skyrim VR Mods You Can’t Be Without

As the 5th installment of the Elder Scrolls series by Bethesda, Skyrim has become one of the most iconic games of all time. If you judge a game by the number of mods it has, the figures speak for themselves with more than 28,000 available in Steam and 60,000 in Nexus. If you can imagine it, there’s probably already a mod for it.

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Just when you thought that Skyrim couldn’t get any more awesome, it was released on the PSVR, bringing gameplay into a whole new dimension. Since then, it’s moved onto Vive and Rift, and with their more sensitive controllers and better hardware, it’s a mind-blowing experience. For anyone who loves the RPG classic, this latest incarnation is simply spectacular.

To put that into context, Skyrim on VR was the whole reason some players bought a headset. Yes, it really is that good. And what makes it even better is the phenomenal mods available, allowing you to personalize your whole gaming experience even further.

Bethesda isn’t offering official support on Skyrim VR mods, but the good news is that lots of them will still work on the proviso that they don’t need the SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender). You’ll also need to be prepared to do a bit more fiddling to get it just right.

Now that we know mods work with Skyrim VR, and we have some idea about the enormous catalog available, the obvious question is which are the best ones to get? You could spend your lifetime collecting Skyrim mods and still not scratch the surface, so it’s helpful to have an idea of the ones which offer that bit more quality.

When deciding on what we think are the best mods for the game, we’ve focused on those which retain the original game ethos and still provide an authentic Skyrim vibe, just a little bit extra.

The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Before you even think about moving on to any of the more exciting mods, this is the one to start with. It irons out all those annoying bugs that Bethesda didn’t fix, and that includes those within VR.

Best Graphics Mods

Skyrim 2017 Textures

This mod makes the game look more beautiful, collecting a range of different mod files together. Adding texture to the surroundings in different ways, everything from the cities to the mountains, bridges, and landscapes is enhanced with this. The visual upgrades with these mods are some of the best, and you won’t want to miss out.

HD Road Signs

You might not have previously considered improving the road signs in Skyrim, but if you stop to think about it, you’ll realize that they’re not really legible. This mod removes the blurriness and makes the road signs a more integral part of the game.

Flora Overhaul

Who doesn’t want prettier and more realistic plants, trees, and grass, right?

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

You may already have textures, but meshes are something different and will provide even greater depth and realism. Don’t worry about understanding the technical difference, but add this mod to the Textures to pick up on anything that’s been missed. Trust us.


Skyrim is good at many things, but making character faces isn’t one of them. Bethesda has never managed to make an NPC, which looks half-decent. This mod changes all of that and fills in the details that Bethesda skimped on.

Enhanced Blood Textures

When you’re battling, you don’t want to see a cartoonish red splatter; this mod gives you the chance to add some gruesome realism to the injuries you generate. Change everything from the texture and color to the size of the splatter, so you feel like you’re seriously inflicting some damage on the bad guys.

Vivid Weathers

Skyrim is a raw wilderness with a crackling power, and this mod captures the danger and power, bringing the weather and the world to life.

Realistic Water Two

Whether it’s a serene lake what a powerful waterfall, the appearance of the water is all-important. This mod enhances the water to make it ripple and sparkle with stunning realism.

Best Sound Mods for Skyrim VR

Sounds of Skyrim Complete

Ambient noise is the one thing missing in Skyrim, but this mod fixes the problem. From creepy moaning in the dungeons to background chatter of people in the town to the gentle chirp of birds outside, it’s got it all.

3D Audio

Fairly straightforward, this brings the audio alive and fixes what sounds like a fairly flat and uninspiring sound.

Reverb and Ambience Overhaul

Sounds aren’t supposed to be flat and dull; this mod adds an echo and a natural reverberation to the audio.

Best Immersion Mods

All-in-One – JK’s Skyrim

Make every city come alive with this mod which adds detail to every corner while remaining lore-appropriate.

Lanterns of Skyrim

If you’re fed-up with the gloomy nightscape in Tamriel, which is admittedly bereft of lights, this mod adds a healthy number of lamps to fix the problem.

Obsidian Mountain Fogs

If we’re being honest, the draw distance isn’t always amazing, so this mod adds a dab of fog around mountains and other objects in the distance. This makes it feel more atmospheric as well as disguising some of the issues.

Book Covers Skyrim

The book covers on Skyrim are either repetitive or just plain trash, but this mod changes all of that. Make every book cover and other readable items completely unique.

Magical College of Winterhold

If you find the college atmosphere a little thin and unconvincing, this mod gives it a boost. Adding magical themes and enhancements, there will be no doubt this is a college for mages once you’re finished.

Birds of Skyrim

Do you like birds? Want to add some to Skyrim? This mod has your back.

Immersive Citizens

Compared to other mods, this one covers a lot of ground. However, the best part of it is that NPCs act in a far more realistic way, creating an immersive experience.

Immersive Patrols

Stay lore-appropriate but bump up the number of soldiers and guards on patrol paths in the overworld with this mod. They’ll give you a hand when you’re battling, and if they cross paths, they’ll even start a fight with each other.

More Bandit Camps

Fairly straightforward – you’ll find extra bandits roaming around the wilderness when you add this mod.

Schools of the Holds

Did you ever feel as if the College of Winterhold was a little bit isolated? If so, this mod solves that. The major cities get new school outposts linking up the world.

Wards Act Like Shields

Want your ward to be able to block melee attacks? No problem! This mod will power up your mage.

Best Follower Mods for Skyrim VR

Amazing Follower Tweaks

If you want more engagement with your followers, choose this mod. It will allow you to choose clothing, combat style, spells, and even boost their skills. As a result, your followers will make camp, ride horses, and if you really want them to, they’ll even dance along with you. And the best part of all? You can do this to multiple followers.


If you feel as if your journey needs a quality companion, Inigo is your man. Widely regarded as one of the top modded Skyrim followers ever created, he’s full of personality and fully voiced.


Are you finding Lydia a bit annoying? Take Sofia on your quest instead. A really well-created mod who’s funny and good company, she’s also fully-voiced.

Armor and Weapon Mods

Immersive Armors

Lore-friendly armor is authentic, and this mod makes it available but in a fun move, spreads it out all over the game for players to find.

Bandolier Bags

If you want to be able to carry more around with you, what you need is a bag. This mod sets you up with just that increasing your carry weight instantly.

Cloaks of Skyrim

There’s nothing fancy about this one or even particularly important for the game. But if you want your character to wear a cloak, or to equip a NPC with a cloak, this is the mod you need.

Rustic Clothing

While no-one is suggesting that Skyrim characters charge around naked, this mod adds more options for authentic clothing.

Heavy Armory New Weapons

Find loads of extra weapons in the game and spread them out throughout the world.

Lore Weapon Expansion

Even more weapons!

Expanded Skyrim Weaponry

And more weapons!

Zim’s Immersive Artifacts

Take the artifacts in Skyrim, enhance them, and make them truly unique.

Content and Gameplay Mods

The Notice Board

Making it easier to access content is always a plus, and this nifty little number really helps. Erecting a noticeboard around each tavern to enable the radiant Quests to be assigned is nothing short of genius.

Mihail Monsters and Animals

Want to add your own animals, monsters, and creatures of all kinds? Not a problem. Check out Mihail to decide which ones you want to add and pick the mods accordingly.

Diverse Dragons Collection

Do you like diversity in your dragons? If so, this is the mod for you with different species, textures and colors, and even a variance in abilities. Smokin’ hot.

Summermyst Enchantments

Enchanting isn’t always spoken about much within Skyrim, but it’s such an integral and powerful part of the game. This mod ratchets up the experience of getting to grips with enchantments.

Apocalypse Magic Spells

If you feel you know the spells in Skyrim inside out, this mod changes all of that. Adding 155 extra spells adds new interest, and to be honest, many players feel that these should have been included at the beginning by Bethesda.

A Final Word

Before you start playing, check out the online guides to installing and setting up mods in the right way before downloading LOOT to get them organized and sorted.

And that’s it! We know there are thousands of other mods out there with new ones being created all the time, so why not leave a comment and let us know about your favorites?

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