Best VR Games Coming in 2020

The Best VR Games Coming in 2020


VR gaming has never been more popular, and the sheer amount of games being released is growing exponentially. Gamers are demanding better graphics and meatier plot lines, and VR game companies are not disappointing us in what they are producing! Some of the VR highlights, other than new games, this year include the latest VR video releases, the Oculus Quest, and the transition from PC-based to standalone VR devices. It’s an exciting time to be a VR fan as you are no longer an offshoot of the gaming world, VR is becoming the new mainstream, and you had it first!

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Now for those VR novices out there, VR gaming is gaming in an artificial environment that is presented in 3-D. The quality of the games out there makes you really believe that you have been transported to the actual game, and rather than sitting at a keyboard, you are moving around to take part in the games. People may worry about the amount of time we spend gaming as it is a typically sedentary, but now with the evolution of VR, you can get fit whilst playing or at least get-up and enjoy using your body to control the virtual world you find yourself in.

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VR games aren’t a brand new concept, but the price of the equipment has kept mainstream gamers from purchasing. Now, as more VR equipment is becoming available and VR headsets being affordable, we are seeing a rise in people buying into the VR market. This, in turn, means that the demand for VR games is higher than ever. There are hundreds of VR games available across different platforms, but the newer ones are providing better graphics and less lag, so the gaming experience is more realistic and less stressful!

Whether you love your PC and want VR games for that or if you are more of an Oculus, PSVR, HTC, or Verve fan, then don’t worry; we have worked hard to break it down for you and find out the best new releases coming your way in 2020. Some dates are not set in stone but will be released most probably in a certain quarter (Q) of the year 2020. We’ve summarised the games to make it easier for you to choose so, if it’s not on our list, then it’s probably not worth playing! Enjoy!

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners has been announced for release on the 23rd of January 2020, and it is as gory as you would expect! Body parts, gruesome fights, and starving humans help to make up this new offering from Skybound Entertainment.

The game plot is based in New Orleans after a massive zombie outbreak, and you will find yourself trying to beat the Walkers whilst trying to survive the threat of the other humans that are dying slowly from starvation.

With little to eat and the constant threat of violence, you will need to deploy a range of tactics to keep yourself alive and help those who you think deserve your help. You will have access to a range of weapons, and the gameplay sets you on the street and ready to go – it’s a no holds barred narrative, and if you love horror, then this is the game for you.

The narrative is made up of a 15+ hour blood and gore campaign. You meet various survivors along the way and choose the dialogue as you go, you are in control. Whilst you can work to complete quests and help others, you can also choose to ignore the campaign and just move around the city as you want to, discovering all the horror it has to offer. The actual attacks on the Walkers are incredibly graphic, and if you like maiming and killing enemies, then you will enjoy this for sure!

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Stats

Publisher – Skybound Entertainment

Developer – Skydance Interactive

Release date – January 23rd, 2020

Platforms – Steam & Oculus Store

Marvel’s Iron Man

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is tipped to be one of the hottest new releases in 2020, and whilst it is only going to be available for PSVR players, it had to be included in this list!

Imagine putting your headset on and becoming Tony Stark! Not only can you play as Tony, you get to fly around as Iron Man, what’s not to love? You will be expected to battle the enemy and save the world in true Iron Man style and using Iron Man’s most famous capabilities. The graphics are amazing, and the narrative is meaty, centering around Stark and his mission to defeat Ghost.

With the Marvel brand behind it, we just know this is going to be one of the biggest VR games to launch in 2020, and quite frankly, we can’t wait!

Marvel’s Iron Man Stats

Publisher – Sony

Developer – Camouflaj

Release Date – 28th Feb 2020

Platforms – PSVR

After the Fall
After the Fall

After the Fall is due in 2020 and is both developed and published by Vertigo Games, the same makers as for Arizona Sunshine. The gameplay centers around a fight for survival in post-apocalyptic LA, where you will face many adversaries that are fighting to rid the world of the rest of the surviving humans. It doesn’t get any better than this if you love a monster battle that puts you as the hero

Playing with people from across the world will allow you to experience amazing cinematic effects together in your joint mission to get the throngs of enemies and bosses before they get you. It really is multiplayer gameplay at its best. Vertigo has not let you down and has provided you with an in-game base camp to get to know your team and plan your attacks before getting out there and doing what you logged in to do – killing the bad guys!

After the Fall Stats

Publisher – Vertigo Games

Developer – Vertigo Games

Release date – Q2, 2020

Platforms – Steam & Oculus Store

Lone Echo II
Lone Echo II

Lone Echo II is coming to Oculus in early 2020 and is the much-anticipated sequel of Lone Echo, 2017. It’s a zero-g journey into space that will leave you graphically impressed and eager to complete the various missions available throughout the game.
Prepare yourself for enemy ticks that are ready to pounce at any given moment and spend your time batting them away before they can reach you to give death hugs. You’ll also need to move through the ship by harnessing the power available to you to open doors, move objects, and maneuver past the devious tricks.

Jack and Liv return to this edition, and you will follow them into deep space and beyond. This time around, Liv has much more of a dynamic role and will follow you around much more adeptly, making your gameplay even more seamless. The game is approximately 12 hours long – which is double the original Lone Echo and promises to deliver on content.

From the makers of Ready at Dawn and Oculus Studios, but this is on your list to buy if you enjoy games that require stealth and logic.

Lone Echo II Stats

Publisher – Oculus Studios

Developer – Ready at Dawn

Release date – Q2, 2020

Platforms – Oculus Rift

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has been announced as arriving next year. The game, known for its WWII narrative, is set in France at the height of the war. Trying to stop the Nazi’s, you will play as one of the Allied troops, going into French villages and saving people from harm.

The creators have made it clear that the game is inspired by WWII rather than actual events that happened during the war. This knowledge leaves us able to fully enjoy every minute without thinking about the veterans that lived this before us.

The game is made up of approximately 11 hours of gameplay across three acts, each of which has specific missions for you to complete. There will be a multiplayer capability in addition to the story mode so you can enjoy this awesome new game with others. We couldn’t be happier at the thought!

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Stats

Publisher – Oculus

Developer – Respawn Entertainment

Release date – Q4, 2020

Platforms – Oculus Store


Low-Fi is deemed as the ‘spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed TECHNOLUST’ and has been brought to life due to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

This dystopian adventure is set to change the cyberpunk landscape and has whipped up excitement via its Kickstarter campaign, which has now closed.

The narrative is simple; you play as ‘Low-Fi’ and travel the streets to solve mysteries and be the best police officer you can. Beings designated as Low-Fi are those who cannot merge with The Platform and are rejected; forced into City Block 303. City Block is overrun by criminals that you need to investigate and bring to justice.

Your deployment is to clean up City Block 303, but how you do it is entirely up to you. There are considerable amounts of crimes to explore, each with branching narratives that make it an exciting non-linear narrative that you can explore as you want to. Whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy using the aircar, provided for you to fly around the city, and take it to the streets below make for an immersive experience.

Low-Fi Stats

Publisher – Iris VR

Developer – Iris VR

Release date – Q2, 2020

Platforms: Oculus Store

The Room VR: A Dark Matter
The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room VR: A Dark Matter is the latest in Fireproof’s The Room series. You find yourself in The British Museum, London investigating the sudden disappearance of an Egyptologist.

The gameplay involves you by getting you to search various locations and items, using a range of cool new gadgets and finding out the mysteries embedded in the game. Each mystery unlocks the clues you need to crack the case, and the makers have made some amazing ones for you to beat

Fireproof has said that they have always wanted to put one of The Room series onto VR and this version is a perfect choice – it’s the fifth in the series and has been built from the ground up specifically for VR, meaning that everything will be optimized for your headset rather than being adapted from a non-VR game. We can’t wait to see what it’s like and how the series adapts to being exclusively with the VR world.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter Stats

Publisher – Fireproof Games

Developer – Fireproof Games

Release date – Early 2020

Platforms – Oculus Store, PSVR, Viveport, Valve Index & Windows Mixed Reality

Panther VR
Panther VR

Panther VR is based in the future where you will find yourself in the middle of an ongoing battle for power, and rather than paying for it; the Guild are thieves for hire. Your role is to be recruited as a Panther Agent and live your life as part of a crew that works for the person who pays the most. You spend your time in-game roaming to find the highly prized treasures and completing heists to earn your big payday. With a host of weapons and gaming choices, Panther VR is full of great gameplay to enjoy in VR.

Wolfdog Interactive, based in the Netherlands, is yet another company that has turned to Kickstarter to fund their VR offerings, having some success in raising the all-important money needed to get the game to your screen. It seems that Kickstarter is the way to get the best new VR content turned into a reality.

Excitingly, there is already a pre-alpha phase-out that can be played, and whilst the Early Access is from April next year, you can also look forward to the Alpha release in February 2020. Panther VR should be a great offering as Wolfdog Interactive already have VR experience in their Skyworld and Dungeon Knight VR games! Make sure you add it to your list!

Panther VR Stats

Publisher – Wolfdog Interactive

Developer – Wolfdog Interactive

Release date – April 2020

Platforms – Steam & Oculus Store

Vertigo 2
Vertigo 2

Vertigo 2 is a remastered version of Vertigo, which was not overly popular with VR gamers when it was released. Is this a dud? We think not!

The new VR game is a single-player adventure; you will explore the Quantum Reactor as part of a mission to return home. The entire game is played in a research facility where you will have access to a wide range of weapons to use against the aliens that want to stop you.

We are convinced that you will be impressed with the visual effects and the amazing graphics, as well as the characters and the smooth gameplay. The idea behind achieving your goal is to follow Harris, the stranger who initially saved you in mysterious conditions.

It’s a great game where you make the decisions, and ultimately, you face the consequences – we cannot wait to see it fully in action!

Vertigo 2 Stats

Publisher – Zulubo Productions

Developer – Zulubo Productions

Release date – Early 2020

Platforms – Steam



Firmament has been built for VR from the ground up, and if it is even a tiny bit like any of the Cyan Inc. games, then we are on to a winner. It was fully funded on Kickstarter, making a whopping $1,433,161!

Firmament is described as an adventure game where you take a journey through a whole host of different realms to make it to The Arrival. Each realm offers you the chance to develop your understanding of the plot and move your character closer to the end.

It’s an incredibly immersive experience that is both beautiful to look at and tells a truly decent story. Throughout the gameplay you are supported by a clockwork adjunct that can’t speak to you but can work out your gestures; what’s most impressive is that as the game evolves so does the adjunct’s capabilities of understanding your gestures and you will end up with a sophisticated communication method if you give it the time it deserves to develop its knowledge. Certainly, one to consider next July!

Firmament Stats

Publisher – Cyan Inc.

Developer – Cyan Inc.

Release date – July 2020

Platforms – Steam & Oculus Store

The Wizards: Dark Times
The Wizards: Dark Times

Carbon Studios is releasing The Wizards: Dark Times, and we cannot wait for this new game in The Wizards series.

A new force threatens Meliora, and you, playing as a powerful sorcerer, need to face new foes and cast new spells in this edition, an expansion of The Wizards. One of the best parts of this game is casting spells using your hands – you will truly feel like a real wizard.

The gameplay is linear, and Carbon describes this as a “short but lore-rich story from Meliora’s chronicles,” making us see if for the narrative it holds rather than just the shooting game it may have been mistaken for.

In this adventure-packed gameplay, you will travel to locations that have never been seen before and learn completely new spells in a beautiful landscape. Carbon has pulled out all the stops to make this one of the most exciting and attractive VR games to hit the ground in 2020.

The Wizards: Dark Times Stats

Publisher – Carbon Studio

Developer – Carbon Studio

Release date – Q2, 2020

Platforms – Steam & Oculus Store

Sniper Elite VR
Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR is based in Italy during WWII and is a new game from Rebellion rather than a rehash of Sniper Elite 4. You will find that lining up your shots is intuitive, and you’ll be impressed with the target setting. You have full freedom to move as you want, and this is done with aplomb – a huge well done to developers in giving us such awesome capabilities!

Ultimately, the narrative is about killing as many Nazis as possible, and players tend to enjoy this notion. However, Sniper Elite VR offers more than just a shooter game, you get to traverse many different locations and chuck grenades at your enemies, all whilst having the satisfaction of ridding the streets of the Nazis.

With eight Sniper Elite games being released over the last few years, we are certain that this one will impress, and as it is going to be available on Steam, as well as PSVR, lots of us will get to enjoy it.

Sniper Elite VR Stats

Publisher – Rebellion

Developer – Just Add Water

Release Date – Q2, 2020

Platforms – Steam and PSVR

Pixel Ripped 1995
Pixel Ripped 1995

ARVORE is releasing Pixel Ripped 1995 next summer, and we can’t wait to see whether it lives up to the same reputation as Pixel Ripped 1989!

The 90’s sequel will utilize classic gaming mechanics, references, and 90s stylized gameplay – what’s not to love already, especially if you are a child of the 90s?

The narrative is based around Cyblin Lord’s desire to steal the Pixel Stone, and the protagonist’s quest is to stop this from happening. It sounds simple, but the game itself will challenge you at every twist and turn to try and stop you from reaching the goal.

Expect much more from this game as the developers have shared that they have spent considerably more money on making it because of the success of the first game – we hope it doesn’t play out to be all style and no substance; we have a good feeling it won’t!

Pixel Ripped 1995 Stats

Publisher – ARVORE

Developer – ARVORE

Release date – Summer 2020

Platforms – Steam, Oculus & PSVR

Solaris: Offworld Combat
Solaris: Offworld Combat

Solaris: Offworld Combat is due to hit our headsets mid-way through next year and is a shooter game to rival all shooter games! As a multiplayer game, you will take part in 4 on 4 battles, and there will be no solo option.

Now, just to confuse anyone new to VR, the game is set inside a VR sports match in Solaris, a VR game within a game, my mind is officially blown!

The arenas are futuristic, and you start your gameplay with a pistol. Interestingly, if you want different weapons, you just walk into them, and they become yours, simple.

It’s said to be a mix of ease and mastery – you should be able just to play it if you have even the smallest experience of video games, but to master it will take much more effort. There is a range of maps and weapons for you to get your head around but it’s worth it to enjoy such an awesome new offering from First Contact.

Solaris: Offworld Combat Stats

Publisher- First Contact Entertainment

Developer – First Contact Entertainment

Release Date – Q2, 2020

Platforms – Oculus Store & PSVR

Zenith VR

Zenith is a VR MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) where you will be able to join in and play with others as you develop your game experience together. You can decide whether to take part in group raids or pick to go it alone, and the choices are literally endless. If you had any doubts about this game, then consider the fact that it was fully funded on Kickstarter within just 4 hours of the campaign going live – yes, that’s right!

Zenith is the latest offering from the developers that created Conjure Strike and promises to be the game that turns you into a true hero! It takes its inspiration from anime and is set in a futuristic world. The graphics are awesome, and you will find that places away from the main city are grown over with plants that are covering up the previous destruction. This game sounds like it will be one to watch as more information will become available throughout 2020.

Zenith Stats

Publisher – Ramen VR

Developer – Ramen VR

Release date – End of 2020/Early 2021

Platforms – Steam

Disciples of Dawn
Disciples of Dawn

Firstly, Stonepunk delivered Primordian, and now they are back with Disciples of Dawn. A sinister and scary black and white style game depicted on the screen-shots and trailers we’ve seen and the gameplay looks awesome. There is a hint that there may be splashes of color during key events in the gameplay, but we are yet to see if this is true or just a rumor.

The game is an adventure in which you will traverse cities and underground spaces whilst avoiding The Presence. The Disciples are located in a monastery, and it’s their job to venture underground and work out what has happened to the people that keep disappearing.

By keeping much of the detail hidden from fans, Stonepunk is achieving an atmospheric build-up to their new game – we just hope it plays as well as we think it will!

Disciples of Dawn Stats

Publisher – Stonepunk Studios

Developer – Stonepunk Studios

Release date – Q3, 2020

Platforms – Steam

Tarzan VR
Tarzan VR

Another one from Stonepunk! Tarzan VR is another adventure game that promises to deliver. A single-player game that needs you to explore 5 areas all whilst fighting, climbing, and swimming your way around like Tarzan. It sounds like it’s going to be a classic for us!

There will be Tarzan ‘jungle skills’ for you to master, and you will get to rock the iconic Tarzan swing! It is set to be the next big thing in the Tarzan world with amazing graphics and a gameplay that will lead you on an amazing adventure in the wild.

The trailers are out and look epic – take a look for yourself and whack Tarzan VR on your list of purchases for early 2020.

Tarzan VR

Publisher – Fun Train

Developer – Stonepunk Studios

Release date – Q1, 2020

Platforms – Steam

Project 4

We have a lot to say about the way Project 4 was released, even if we don’t have much yet to tell you about the game! Firstly, the fact that Stress Level Zero is developing it was a shock to everyone in the VR world, especially after they developed Boneworks for the Valve Index!

Coupled with the fact that Project 4 is for the Quest and you get a stunned, but happily stunned, VR lover!

We are thrilled at the prospect of Project 4 and cannot wait to see what Stress Level Zero has come up with – one thing we are certain of is that is it is going to be a great addition to the Oculus family and one we will be playing over and over!

Project 4 Stats

Publisher – Oculus

Developer – Stress Level Zero

Release date – End of 2020

Platforms – Oculus Quest

Space Pirate Arena
Space Pirate Arena

Space Pirate Arena sounds like it will be an awesome game, delivered next year for VR gamers to enjoy. Now, this is no ordinary game, and it seems that gameplay will depend on having access to a huge space and lots of players on the same wi-fi network. If you can traverse those requirements, then the trailers look like you will be having some serious fun.

There isn’t much info out there yet, but it has been confirmed that you will need to move through the environment rather than being transported! It’s going to be a good workout we think and will have you in stitches whilst trying to avoid bumping into others as you play!

Space Pirate Arena Stats

Developer – Space Pirate Trainer

Release date – 2020

Platforms – Oculus Quest

Blast World

Blast World is a shooter game made by Hipfire. It is fast-paced and is filled with PvP fights for you to get involved in! You can expect to be able to run and jump as well as fly-in each different map, and you will work hard to build your rank up to Master. Blast World is said to be inspired by Nerf Guns as you have access to an amusing foam gun – it looks like a lot of fun to play, and other weapons available to you will include sniper rifles, a frisbee launcher, and a bazooka.

Once you put your headset on, you can choose between comfortable and immersive play and fight each level at your own pace. It’s addictive, so expect to be playing for hours! If you can’t wait to play, then have a go at the free demo available now!

Blast World Stats

Publisher – Hipfire Games

Developer – Hipfire Games

Release date – Q1, 2020

Platforms – Oculus Quest


Nostos is one of those games that promises a lot in an open-world VR. You will get to explore a land that has lots of landscapes that include historic sites and post-war inflicted areas. Your job is to search for miscellanies that, when put together, will share the truth of the bygone times.

You will be the hero who, along with friends, takes the path to find out the truth. Along the way, you will need to search for food and shelter as well as fight alongside your friends. It is an epic narrative that will have you struggling to take off the headset. NetEase has really gone all out with Nostos, and you will enjoy both the narrative and the visuals, nothing has been overlooked.

Nostos Stats

Publisher – NetEase Games

Developer – NetEase Games

Release date – Q1, 2020

Platforms – Oculus Quest & PSVR



Planetrism is a Sci-Fi game that takes you to a planet that is light years away from earth. You play as a colonist that is leading a colony and working in new and unknown areas. You chose your own pace and path during the game so that you can enjoy the experience the way you want to.

AS the game evolves, you can choose to learn new skills, improving on these as you play. You can change things each time that you play, meaning that every time will be like the first time, if that is what you want.

Planetrism has been in the making since 2017 when Laaksonen and Kaunela started developing the game. Both makers are from Finland, and there are already some great noises being made about the game – one to look out for, we think.

Planetrism Stats

Publisher – M. Laaksonen & K. Kaunela

Developer – M. Laaksonen & K. Kaunela

Release date – Early 2020

Platforms – Steam

Land of Amara
Land of Amara

Land of Amara is a farming VR simulator that lets you experience farming first hand. You will oversee a tiny farmer and take part by carrying out a range of motions like watering crops and feeding animals. The inspiration is said to come from Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley.

Whilst it is in early production, we think this will be a fun game to keep your eyes on as it develops, and we cannot wait to find out more as it progresses. Whilst there is not much out there yet, we still think this will be a great game choice for 2020.

Land of Amara Stats

Publisher – Paw Stamp Studio

Developer – Paw Stamp Studio

Release date – Late 2020

Platforms – Oculus Store

Facebook Horizon
Facebook Horizon

Finally, on our list is Facebook Horizon, and it’s a bit different from the rest!

Facebook is bringing us Horizon, which is meant to be a VR platform for socializing as well as gaming. You just build your own environment and take it wherever you want. It’s launching in beta in early 2020, and users can not only create their environment but build their own character, adding whatever features take their fancy. It’s a simple idea about VR connectivity, and it poses an exciting notion of being able to play in different areas by transporting yourself through Telepods. By offering a social platform like Horizon, Facebook has made playing games with your friends a simpler, streamlined option. Facebook states that you can even watch films with friends and access all the social media you want together.

If you are worried about security, then Horizon Locals will police the space and keep you safe from online nasties so you know that you can enjoy every minute you spend with your nearest and dearest.

Horizon seems to take its ideas from a range of previous games like Minecraft and sounds like a real-life version of Ready Player One. We aren’t sure if it will take off in the way that Facebook hopes it will, but we are certainly interested to see if this is the impetus to a new virtual social life that has been missing on the VR market.

Facebook Horizon Stats

Publisher – Facebook

Developer – Oculus

Release date – Early 2020


Well, there you have it! Whether you want to enjoy the cute Land of Amara or the horrific and gory Walking Dead, the quirky Low-Fi or the WWII Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond – VR gaming is bringing it all to life in 2020. Coupled with the new games, we are hoping that 2020 will see further improvements in resolution and tracking because whilst the games are significant, so is pushing forward in technology improvement.

Let’s not forget that it’s an exciting time for VR as it’s garnering interest far and wide, meaning much more money being spent on its development as more and more VR equipment is being sold all over the world. Facebook Horizon may be the biggest thing in terms of adding a social media element toy your VR gaming that has so far been lacking. If Horizon delivers, then we can be certain that other social media brands will be exploring how to take their product to VR.

2020 will probably be the year that sees a massive surge in VR headsets being widely used in the home, replacing outdated controllers and non-VR games. Christmas 2019 will be the time that headsets start to fly off the shelves, and you will be able to enjoy your VR world along with friends rather than just in the confines of your own home. The more headsets that sell mean, the more money production companies will put into developing this awesome way of gaming – let’s hope they sell out!

Realistically, immersive gaming is a growing commodity, putting the gamer back in the driving seat and allowing you to demand the games you want to see arrive in your headsets. Let us know what you are most excited about, and we can’t wait to hear from you! Game on!

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