What is the Best VR Headset?


VR Headsets have been around for a while but have only recently been defined as a mainstream product. There are so many hitting the shelves now that we are all left wondering which one is the best for our needs and for our pockets. From Google Cardboard to the latest Oculus offering we have you covered!

The Contenders

HTC Vive

First up is the HTC Vive, with room tracking technology to die for! The Vive is not cheap but then you are paying for quality; smooth graphics, virtually no latency, and effortlessly adaptable controllers are just a few of the pros of owning an HTC Vive!

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The Vive has many games to choose from and whilst there is no inbuilt audio you can buy the HTC Deluxe Audio Strap to enjoy sounds via headphones as you play. HTC also offers accessories, known as Vive Trackers that will let you bring your physical items into the VR world!

Oculus Quest

Next is the Oculus Quest. It’s fair to say that Oculus is dominating the market now they have released their newest offering: Oculus Quest and it doesn’t disappoint, making all the other VR headsets feel very bulky and cumbersome!

The setup is easy and user-friendly, the built-in sensors are on point and the intuitive touch controllers will change your gaming experience forever. The graphics are great and whilst some may say it is too expensive, you get what you pay for with the Quest.

Oculus Rift S

Let’s not forget that Oculus also produces other headsets; the Oculus Rift S offers you an easy setup and a comfortable to wear headset. If you spend a lot of time gaming then comfort is something that shouldn’t be overlooked! There is a wide range of games to play and the touch controllers are seriously good to use. If you can ignore the fact that you can’t download directly from the headset then maybe the Rift S is for you!

Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset that is more affordable than most of its competitors. The Go is a great choice for people who like a myriad of gaming choices, with over 1000 titles you are never going to get bored! What it lacks in room tracking capability it more than makes up for with a beautifully clear view with very little motion blur – another great product by Oculus!

Samsung Odyssey+

Samsung has updated the Odyssey HMD and delivered the Odyssey+ and we are not disappointed! The Odyssey+’s resolution is fantastic and is one of the best on the market currently. Previously, the biggest let down of the Samsung Odyssey HMD was that there were very few games but with the expansion of the VIVE port to include other headsets the Odyssey is now a true competitor.

Valve Index

We had to include the Valve Index for those who love their gaming PCs! Whilst this is a crazily expensive piece of kit, it is perfect for those PC gamers that want a VR experience to match their powerful gaming PCs.

The Index is incredibly comfortable to wear and has nearly no screen door effect when playing. However, the setup is time-consuming and awkward, which wouldn’t be so bad it was a budget range headset! It does, however, offer some great features like it’s per-finger tracking, being made from quality materials and it comes with awesome sound quality.

Google Cardboard

It would be wrong to discuss VR headsets without giving a shout out to the Google Cardboard! Google Cardboard is a budget range VR headset that focuses more on users learning about VR applications rather than providing an immersive VR experience. Google has published the specs needed to build your very own, but if like most of us, you’d prefer to buy a pre-made headset then you can just buy one direct from Google. The Google Cardboard relies on the user having compatible applications on their phone to use the headset with, once this is done you are off – it gets the win for the simplest product!

PlayStation VR

With the PlayStation VR, you get the best VR console experience as well as games that have been created by those household names we all know and love. The PlayStation VR is straightforward to unbox and use and is one of the more affordable offerings on the market. The headset itself is a joy to wear and the controllers are easy to use. You can even use the headset to watch movies when you’ve had enough of gaming for one day!
The only downside we can find is with the resolution in comparison to its competitors. t’s not as sharp as others on the market but we think this can be forgiven when you have the possibility of playing games like Batman and Star Wars Battlefront and feel like you’re stood side by side with the characters!

The Result

It’s not difficult to decide that the new Oculus Quest is the standout winner when looking for the best all-round VR headset. It’s lightweight, portable and holds the latest development in VR capabilities. Despite being rivalled by its cousin, the Rift S, the Quest pips it to the post because the ability to game untethered and take it wherever you want makes it a truly immersive piece of kit. Oculus is onto a real winner here!

When you are looking for a new VR headset it is always worth jotting down what your requirements are in rank order – if you are on a tight budget and know you can’t afford the most expensive, there is no point in considering them. Equally, if you just want something wireless to stop you tripping up when playing, you don’t need to waste your time looking at everything on the market.

When you have your list of ‘must-haves’ it makes shopping much easier – there are options for everyone. VR headsets provide hours of fun and seem only set to get more and more popular, so grab yours today!

Personally, I love the HTC Vive Pro 🙂

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