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Released Apr 2017 3.6★
Beyond the City VR. v03

” Beyond the City VR ” is a tower defense game [HTC Vive & PC]. Come and join the ongoing war, play the role of the commander & soldiers to resist the invaders in an open world. Choose between multiple powerful tower and unique epic skill! With the wide variety of towers we can create different strategy. Enjoy a visually stunning tower defense game in VR world.
There’re two 2 mode for experience —– 1st is macro layout defense tower and 2nd is FPS VR operate to kill the invaders.

Play Mode:
1 The commander role | Strategy level
Global macro layout overview of the map and fully take use of the resource in hand. 1st, we play as the role of commander to arrange the tower power on the map. 3 different type of towers are available in demo version, each of them can be upgraded by using money in game, with diversity attack mode.
2 The Soldiers role | Tactics level
FPS micromanagement,Once the layout is completed, the player steps into the tower (Archer Tower/ Magic Tower/ Turret) to manipulate the weapon to against the invader. No mercy.

With the progress of the game, the invaders have multiple waves of attack, the swordsman, The priest , WM warriors, summoned forest demon … …

Shooting with bows and arrows, using magic wand cast, or artillery bombing? Up to you!
Come on to scavenging any threats from the enemy.:)

Pls. don’t hesitate to let me know ur input. many thanks.

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