Released Feb 2017
“VR sports billiards” first edition for Chinese eight ball play. Limited range of motion and bimanual coordination, billiards and VIVE characteristics are exactly the same,
VR billiards sports billiards and VIVE technology perfect fusion. Is currently the most suitable for indoor play VR sports! The next version will launch a double
Multiplayer Internet warfare.
Billiards is a widely popular in the world of elegant indoor sports, is a kind of ball with the ball on the table, depending on the score to determine the outcome of the game room
Recreational sports. Billiards has become varied: a Chinese eight ball, Russia ocket, British snooker and carom billiard table, American pocket
The ball and snooker, snooker which is most common, has become an event.
Key function description:
1 press the left hand handle to press the fixed cue.
2 when the left hand button is pressed, the right handle can swing the ball.
3 of the handle side of the key press can pick up the table tennis.
4 the left hand handle touchpad can be transmitted by pressing.

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