Released Nov 2016
“Black Hole Edge” is a player to carry HTC VIVE game helmet and handheld HTC handle FPS first person flight shooting game, the game background is the federal resistance to extraterrestrial aggression, sending a variety of new fighter and the enemy to fight . Players play pilots, control ships and enemies to fight, and beat the two Boss before the game can be achieved victory.
As a classic flight shooting game, compared to ordinary 2d plane scroll screen, after VR virtual reality rendering, giving the player a more immersive real experience. Game background Set in the outer space planet, science and technology full of game scenes, gorgeous special effects, with high-quality game textures coupled with exquisite 3D modeling, allowing players to feel the unique visual feast. Games using Unity3d for development, the game screen is beautiful, VR game allows you to immersive,so you have a strong sense of substitution. The game is simple, the player through the right hand trigger button to shoot, left up to have a Divine Shield, two handles can pick up props, and the game points list. In addition, the left hand right hand has other features, oh, this is not disclosed, let the players themselves to explore it.

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