Blackjack Bailey-iCandy Games

Released Jun 2017 1.5★
Try your luck in the Casino’s without going broke!

Blackjack Bailey VR is a casual casino gaming experience and the first, stand alone virtual reality blackjack game availabe on Vive.

Blackjack Bailey is a single player casino card game (twenty one), where you sit a table and play against the dealer in a little one on one blackjack.
It features a cute and charismatic dealer named Bailey, who encourages you to win.

The odds are in your favor as you master your card strategy by playing single deck blackjack.
Blackjack Bailey VR simulates real life gambling but does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. It’s just for fun and practice!
You start the game with a bit of virtual currency, but you never truly run out. If you end up going broke it’s game over but you can always restart with a fresh bankroll.

A must have game for any VR library!
Join the Winner’s circle and download today.

Co-developed by iCandy Games and Hologram Software LTD. makers of some of the most delicious virtual reality games.

Cute & Charismatic female dealer
Casual Casino atmosphere
Fun to play, hard to put down
Oversized cards, HD graphics
Las Vegas house rules
Single deck 21
Unlimited bankroll

User Reviews

Jun 25, 2017
The table is at the back of the play area which is inconvenient for smaller play areas. It would be better if the table could be refocused to adjust to your position instead. If I sit away from center (left or right) she doesn’t deal to me, only to the center. The chair in a environment isn’t necessary. Instead of ending the game, let me get simply start over with a menu.

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