Block Rocking Beats-SNAKE Productions

Released Jan 2018 3.4★

Is it a musical instrument? Is it a game? Actually, it’s both. Block Rocking Beats enables you to play with music in a virtual sound studio. Choose one of three sample based instruments and start rocking the beat. Play drums, bass or take the lead and compose the main melody. Fine-tune the sound of your instruments to your liking, with various audio effects such as Reverb and Delay. You can even go freestyle and create your own instrument, with your own sounds constructed in real-time.

Up to three players can join your virtual band. Play together with other music lovers from any location. Discuss ideas via voice chat while sharing the sounds you create. Use the handy timeline to help you build your complete track. Create powerful beats together in VR and rock the new world.

Block Rocking Beats transforms making music in virtual reality into an amazing social experience. Connect with friends and fans via the language of music. Samples are updated on a monthly basis and royalty free, so your creations are yours to keep. Create a hit track and become famous. Will you become the first electronic music star in virtual reality?

To complete the virtual experience, an audio reactive visualizer adds cool visual FX to the sounds you create. VJ mode enables you to enhance your tracks and interactively change lights and animated projections on the virtual walls.

User Reviews

Apr 30, 2018
This is a blast to play with. Will take some time to learn more but I could see a lot of potential with this app.

Sep 19, 2018
Yeah, its ok. if you are into music production and have experience with sequencers and synths then its good for a while. it feels a bit empty of content and effects to be honest. this has really great potential to future music programs. if this can expand to maybe emulate the korg volca type of thing, with a few elements from electronauts then this could be something amazing. unfortunately its early days with an early gen of VR. however, if the devs keep up with development and more people give feedback of things they want to see, this could be a real future to music as we know it. certainly a 4 star for doing something different with a good interface and a fair tutorial.

Feb 26, 2018
Is the subscription version limited to prevent from saving?

May 11, 2019

just cant get the game to load.

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