Block Smashers-VRX Games

Released May 2018
Block Smashers is an action packed VR puzzle game that requires you to use your best strategy skills and collect all the crystals. By throwing soccer balls, you must knock down different structures and collect all the crystals to make the rank of Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Blow up blocks with TNT and use your best strategy skills to make gold every time! One more thing though, watch out for the chicken, he can be quite explosive.

Block Types
Wood – Just good ole wood block
Stone – Like wood just heavier
Wood Crate – will break apart when struck
TNT – it goes Boom
Metal – very heavy, will tip the balance on certain structures if moved


Take an adventure into Crystal Land! In this magical Kingdom everything runs off crystals. The king has tasked you with finding and securing all the crystals in the land. You secure the crystals by throwing a ball at them or knocking down their support structures causing the crystals to fall. Can you help return the Crystal Kingdom back to its former Glory?

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