Block Wave-RLTY CHK

Released Oct 2016
The Blocks never stop!

Block Wave VR brings the classic arcade block puzzler to life in virtual reality on the HTC Vive.

Compete for the high score in this fast paced, addictive virtual reality block puzzler. Inspired by 1980’s Synthwave with an original score, Block Wave will keep you immersed for hours! Block after block, they don’t stop. Can you keep up, stack them and rack up the points?

The classic block puzzler brought into VR creates a whole new immersive challenge that you won’t be able to put down!


Press Touchpad directions to turn the block left/right/up/down
Swipe Touchpad to roll the block left/right
Trigger to grab the block
Trigger + Down to speed block down
Spin board by taping the activator on each side of the board. Right controller spins right, left controller spins left.
Move board up with right grip, move board down with left grip.

Clear 1 line: 100 points
Clear 2 lines: 300 Points
Clear 3 lines: 600 Points
Clear 4 lines: 1000 points!

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