Bobby’s Burgers VR-Arron Burch

Released Apr 2019 2.9★
Bobby’s Burgers VR is an immersive virtual reality time-management arcade style cooking game that allows the player to experience life as a fry cook working in a burger van.

The game is developed for the HTC Vive with plans to support other VR hardware such as the Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers after release.

Inspired by games such as Job Simulator, Bobby’s Burgers VR aims to provide players with hours of fully immersive, interactive comical entertainment as they prepare meals and serve customers!

– Fully interactable burgers van environment
– Random order generation
– AI customers
– Multiple levels with varying difficulty

This application also has a localhost server (bobbys_burgers_vr_server.exe) that will run automatically when the VR application is launched. This server does not communicate with any services outside of your local WiFi network. The server is entirely used for the purpose of connecting the mobile spectator clients to the VR clients and relaying orders and messages. no personal information is used/transferred.

In order to allow mobile applications to connect to the server hosted on the VR machine, you may need to open the inbound port 8080. There is a port-setup.exe file that will do this for you automatically.

This game is currently still under development, any bugs or issues you find, please email me at and I will do my best to fix them!

User Reviews

May 06, 2019
There is a lot of potential for the game, and what is already there is good.
I would be interested to see how difficult the developer could make this and i am excited to see how the stadium turns out.
Keep up the good work !

Jul 04, 2019
Overall a fun game. I usually like these simple timed games. Easy to pick up fast. I had issues with my plates flying around and sometimes they would create duplicates where they spawn from.

May 22, 2019
Me and my kids was trying to play this game, they had fun but got mad when they couldnt finish the orders. The note keps dissapearing so we couldnt finnish any order. Sometimes it worked and sometime it didnt.

Bet it would be fun it it worked properly 🙂

Jul 28, 2019
Fun concept, but too short and simple now to really be considered a standalone game.

Jun 26, 2019
A rather pointless game as there is no way to fundamentally lose so it has no challenge. And the 5 levels do little to make the game more difficult. Very strange, as the visuals and the VR mechanics are perfectly good.

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