Body Awesome-VictoryVR

Released Jun 2018
Just how similar are we to pigs? Find out how much we have in common with these stinky swine through comparative anatomy. Dissect a pig with award-winning science teacher, Wendy Martin, and learn about our common parts and systems.

Imagine an interactive Mr. Potato head, and you’d be close to knowing how to navigate our Brain Game. This larger-than-life human head allows you to pick the brain parts and piece them together inside a human skull to see how they form our most complex system.

What do a modern bird and a prehistoric dinosaur have in common? Join us at the Science Museum of Minnesota to find out! Put your understanding of evolution to the test as you examine fossils and skeletons searching for similarities.

Be transformed (not really) as you learn about energy transformation and how thermodynamics really works. These processes happen all the time–amaze your friends with your understanding of the process..

Humans have more than 99.9% of the same genetics–so how can we be so diverse? Find out that and much more as you dig into your common ancestry.

As always, VictoryVR curriculum is stimulating and fun! Better yet, it’s rooted in the Next Gen Science Standards so it is directly linked with science teachings in today’s classrooms.

-Learn how much we have in common with pigs. Award-winning science teacher, Wendy Martin, dissects one to demonstrate.
-Assemble brain parts in sequence to complete a human skull.
-Check out dinosaur fossils at the Science Museum of Minnesota while learning about evolution.
-See energy transformations to better understand the different types–they’re happening all around you.
-Know where you came from as you learn more about common ancestry through this cartoon animation.
-All lessons are based on Next Gen Science Standards.
-All units are related to anatomy and physiology.
-See all of our VictoryVR units spanning 48 units of science.

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