Boxed In-Red Chain Games

Released Feb 2018 4.3★
You find yourself enclosed in a ‘Burtonesque’ room with no exits. Colourful cubes move towards you either from the far wall, the ceiling or from beneath your feet. In order to avoid being squashed by the cubes you must clear them by creating matches. Depending on your chosen options, you must either create a run of three or a block of four. When a match is made, the cubes will explode and destroy any others of the same colour touching them. They keep coming, faster and faster. How long will you survive?

Game modes
You can select to play in ‘Survival’ mode where the cubes just keep coming, faster and faster, or ‘Solitaire’ mode where the room is filled with cubes and you can take your time to clear them. Difficulty is determined by how many different colours of cube you choose to deal with. Three is the easiest and five is the hardest. To make things even harder, you can choose matches to be made by a line of three cubes of the same colour, or a square of four. You must also choose the direction the cubes will approach you from: the back wall, the ceiling, or the floor. In total there are 36 variations of play.

VR Controls
Using the primary controller you have the ability to: change the colour of an existing cube; add a new cube; or push a cube (if it’s close to you). The secondary controller allows you to teleport around the room or on to the top of boxes.

Your aim is to get the highest score you possibly can before you are either crushed by the cubes (in Survival) or you clear the room (in Solitaire). If you remove cubes quickly then you can earn a multiplier allowing you to increase your score rapidly. Your current multiplier is displayed on your primary controller.

User Reviews

Sep 17, 2019
Boxed In has bought back some real nostalgia, with its Tetris-like gaming. The ability to choose a relaxed gaming experience (the ‘Solitaire Feature’), or go for a more heart racing ‘Survival’ mode, the game has real potential to keep you in the VR experience for a substantial amount of time.

You feel a real sense of accomplishment when you hear a satisfying ‘firework-like’ crackle, you’ve got a 3 cube combination and you see the stack start to fall seamlessly in front of your eyes. (Literally) The calming soundtrack and synthesised ‘Bing- Bong!’ Sound, will leave you feeling calm but engaged in the environment throughout game play.

Simple, but effective environment allows you to move around and plan your best angle of attack, bringing a new dimension to your strategy. Something that 2D screens just can’t embrace and a classic showcase for the use of VR.

Excellent Game, Great Play.

May 31, 2019
A simple and engaging action puzzle game. Very nicely made with easy controls and quite addictive. The only thing missing is a high score table.

Apr 07, 2019
Create, repaint or move the blocks, and once lined up three to more and they vanish. Use that to play the game, either static solitaire… or moving towards you suvival. Teleport around to help get the angle right. For the money, this is really good.

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