Released Apr 2018 3.6★
BOXVR brings high intensity boxing workouts to virtual reality. Sweat out to beats in our immersive environments.

WORKOUT – our team of leading fitness instructors produce a variety of regularly updated boxing workouts, specifically designed to destroy calories.
TRAIN – Upload your own music and have a tailored boxing workout generated live
SURVIVE – What happens when you combine our effective workouts with an endless runner? Our toughest mode yet – who can last the longest?
MULTIPLAYER – Workout with 6 other players

Come join our passionate community:
“My partner and I have each lost 10+ pounds using this game. Highly recommended” – GM
“This is the best workout game” – PT
“I have Audioshield, Soundboxing, so I was hesitant to purchase this title at first…boy, was I wrong about this game…Now, this is my daily routine” – BB
“Writing this as my currently trying to dry from sweating so much. VR and games like this are exactly what I need to exercise” – SN
“This is the workout game I’ve been looking for! I have tried most of them, and BOXVR is the first game that really brings all the different gameplay types together for a full-body workout” – KS
“If you watch the trailer, and think that would be fun to do a quick session each night. Then buy now! This is even the first VR experience my wife comes back to play!” – Chicken$#it

Proudly brought to you by the team at FITXR
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Mar 04, 2019
This game is the workout king, being able to put your own songs can go good or bad, but at least you box to your own music. What is there in the base game is very very small, but still good for working out.

Oct 30, 2019
Great workout, better than everyting else (except “Thrill of the Fight”). This is about 80% as fun as BeatSaber, but TWICE the workout! I’ve lost 30 lbs in part because I push myself in this game.

BUT DO NOT buy it here. Viveport has a VERY old version. The Steam version is much better.

It can import YOUR MP3 files too, and makes a “decent” beat map for them, with prfect timing, but repetitive beat maps in your custom songs. The original songs in the game are done VERY well however.

Aug 29, 2019
This is a good workout ‘tool’ for VR, other fitness game. I combine the use of boxvr with others like totf and virtual fighting championship which provides a better gaming experience combined with fitness benefit, but is extremly intense (VFC has PvP so that also a bonus). Boxvr is much more casual and streamlined.

Jun 06, 2019
It took a bit of getting used to with the sliders and rummaging through computer files to find my songs- but in the end what I have is a 1 hour music track and sore arms and legs by the time im done. I enjoy this gome SO MUCH, I enjoy the selectable courses and leaderboards, and after a long day at work I can punch the crap outta something. Hit detection can be a tad iffy, but all in all I dont think this will ever be deleted off my harddrive.

Jun 12, 2018
This a a great VR workout experience! Put your own music and follow the beat while punching, blocking, dodging and doing squats. I love this simple game that can make you stay in shape.

Apr 08, 2019
I mean as far as VR exercise games go this is probably the best there is.

There is so much room for potential aswell looking forawrd to future updates

Nov 28, 2019
Tout ce qu’il faut pour un bon entrainement: La musique de ton choix, des gestes simples et amusants. Pour frapper les objets, il faut faire les mouvements correctement et en phase avec le rithme de la musique sans forcer sur les coups. On se trouve forcer à faire les gestes comme ceux que ferait un boxeur à l’entrainement. Avis d’inculte de la boxe 😉

Sep 23, 2019
Awesome workout! I’m sore for days after and it’s amazing how the time flies while you’re in there having fun. I wish it had some different music options though. Still great game. I hope it gets developed further.

Sep 21, 2019
Best version and still very old version…

Please do NOT UPDATE this one. The steam version is pure thrash where you can’t add your custom playlist. Viveport version is the only one where you can still do this

Nobody gives a flying f*uck about enhanced “balls” graphics. We play this kinf of games only for the fitness part.

Aug 14, 2019
Je joue depuis hier et j’avais qu’une seule musique dans l’entraînement et un message “no connection”.

Il suffit juste d’aller dans le pare feu windows et rajouter “boxvr.exe”, ensuite vous relancez le jeu et vous avez plein de nouvelles musiques.

If you have just one song The solution is to create an inbound (and outbound just in case) rule in the Windows firewall to allow the BoxVR.exe program.

Ce jeu a l’air vraiment vraiment cool pour le moment et ça fait vraiment faire de l’exercice !!!

Jan 11, 2019
Great game for both entertainment and workout. There was many times I had issues with hitting (even though I would hit it, the game wouldn’t register). I would recommend this game with the viveport subscription, but I don’t think it lives quite up to the stand alone price.

Oct 05, 2018
BOXVR is a great game for those who want to sneak in a bit of exercise without their mind realizing it. If you can ignore the glitches, then you’ll likely have a blast practicing your boxing skills and burning as many calories as your virtually gloved hands possibly can. And if you’re lucky, you can do it all to your favorite compatible jams!

May 30, 2019
The mechanics work good. Not very optimised for Oculus Rift though, but you can optimize yourself. Songs could be better. I am looking forward to include my own and maybe change the rating depending on it.

Dec 29, 2018
Great work-out game. Hit detection leaves something to be desired. However, there is no severe negative reinforcement for misses, which is good for an exercise focused game. Menu could use some music and sliders don’t seem like they function properly? It’s been noted that this isn’t the most up-to-date version so maybe these will be fixed at a later date.

Jun 03, 2018
Great game and workout with some flaws.
The Pros:
The timing when punching the objects seem to be right on for me. It’s an excellent workout! The included music is good! I’ve did several 20 minute workouts and it’s really fun!

For me, I usually have to restart the game to get connected with my profile. Not sure why. Also, I get a city landscape screen when the first level starts. I can hear the music and game playing, so I restart the level and everything is fine at that point. Using your own music takes a long time for me. I’ve never had the patience to wait for it to calculate the moves for the song and always gave up.

May 20, 2018
Game has some playback issue from time and again but is still a very well made game as of now, you can use your own music and get a pretty good workout.

May 16, 2018
This game will leave you soaked in sweat. Workouts are graded and progressive and contain a nice variety of movements. The backdrops can be a bit distracting (winter in particular) in terms of colour versus punch targets. Progress tracking, stats and graphs etc. are generally well done. Tight soundtrack.

Nov 25, 2018
I would much have preferred it if I could connect to a music streaming service because let’s face it – not everyone has their music on disc anymore. It is very similar to a dance game but with more restricted movements and therefore I think most people would enjoy dance games more. I suppose this kind of game will thrive in AR eventually – when more parts of an exercise routine can be included more reasonably. The idea is essentially there but I have more fun dancing, which in turn makes me do more of it – and exercise more.

May 25, 2018
I really want to like this but it’s no beat saber, the pacing is just… off and strikes don’t really delver sense of satisfaction, but I think there is some potential.
I really like it will scope your music, however it does not seem to see iTunes playlists and the interface to add your own list is very manual intensive and then the conversion time is long…. need to toss that stuff into the background or allow for a desktop UI interaction.
The bunching mechanic was a little odd like it wanted upper cuts and hooks way out in front (not good technique). Some of the direction markers for dogging made no sense. up arrows on something already head height.
Mostly I missed that fluid beat saber satisfaction on the interaction with a eat. Also, things lag oddly between waves. I just stood there for maybe 20 second on the snow background waiting for a wave start not sure what to do.

Jul 19, 2019
This might be okay for what it is but in my opinion there is not much about boxing. You hit colored balls that fly towards you. Can be fun but the genre has better games.

After seeing the picture and reading fast over the description I expected at least some relation to actual boxing like needing different kind of swings and moves, but sadly no. Just hit the balls any way you like.

For workout and if it was called like that I’d give more stars, but a boxing game with no real boxing or at least some kind of tutorial on possible (real) moves that should be used is sad.

Jun 20, 2019
Greatest reviews are fake for sure, this version of the game looks like a Beta Version : very poor content, many bugs, and some basics feature are not implemented (ex : when you finish a level, you don’t back to the main menu, even no interface poping to back to menu, you have to click to the menu button manually and select it, so stupid…) Oh and you only see Vive controller even with the Rift, then the tutorial is not clear at all…

Aug 31, 2018
Hit detection is terrible. Google “BoxVR hit detection”, and you will see it’s been an ongoing issue for months. Apparently, it was fine a while ago, but they updated it, and now it’s worse off with no response from dev team. Good workout if you don’t care about high scores or flow.

Jul 02, 2019

If you’re thinking about buying this on Viveport, right now I recommend that you don’t.

On the one hand, I love this. It’s a great way to exercise. Workouts are well put together, very intuitively made and I do like that you can workout to your own music too.

On the other hand, the Steam version has been updated. This Viveport version has not been updated since June 2018 and it’s lacking content that has been added to the Steam version since launch.

If they updated this version, I’d recommend it – but right now, you should go get it on Steam instead and enjoy all of the stuff they added and fixed up over the last year that this version doesn’t have.

Feb 06, 2019

First day it worked great! Now it says “No Connection”, I have only one workout available. I turned off my Firewall to ensure it wasn’t a blocked port. I’m able to hoste multiplayer workouts just fine, just no solo workouts. Buggy!! Buyer Beware!

May 26, 2019

Surprisingly poor.
Things you can’t do:
1) work out for longer than 2 minute stretches (I couldn’t find a way to break a sweat with this “workout” software)
2) set up a custom workout
3) box (this is only a rhythm game)
4) set your own calorie goal – the game sets it for you, and sets it at a limit which you would need to play for 3 hours a day to meet with the slow pace of the workouts.

I have to ask – DEVS, why did you bother making a workout program with such fundamental flaws?

Jun 14, 2019

Aplicación totalmente obsoleta, parece hecha en 5 minutos, falla todo el rato, los menús son los genéricos de Unity (el programa donde se desarrolla). Muy muy cutre.

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