Brain Voyagers: Ricochet-Great Wave

Released Mar 2017 3.0★
Clear the room, hide the pets, and use the wrist straps!

Brain Voyagers: Ricochet is an energetic game of skill, coordination, and focus. Defeat waves of enemies in a variety of playspaces using a mix of different tools and powers to create, control, and deflect deadly balls of energy.

Parry or dodge incoming fire, manage your energy to do things like change trajectories or create additional projectiles, take advantage of new playspace features like barriers or accelerators, and manage the game’s challenge in real time.

Your main weapons are also your main threats, as energy balls are your only way to defeat the enemy – but they can harm you as well.

Enjoy an immersive VR experience with the challenge of real-life paddle sports, the quick thinking of martial arts, and the fun of classic games like Arkanoid.

Four different levels of difficult mean you can play Casual with your kids or challenge yourself to beat the bots on Hardcore.

Defend yourself!

User Reviews

Apr 25, 2019
Great game, very adictive, just can’t stop playing. Fantastic use of 3D gaming. Easy to learn but lots of different moves and actions will keep you playing for ages.

Jun 01, 2019

Utter, utter tedium. One of most boring VR games I’ve ever encountered. Dull and slow, and pointless gameplay. I endured 30 minutes of this to record a video. And it was a very slow 30 minutes. What a relief when it was over.

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