Caliban Below-Blackthorn-Media, Inc.

Released Jun 2018 4.1★
The sun will not rise, just endless moons – and you, Caliban, must try to learn why you have become trapped in a dream. It is 1680, Northern Italy. You are the last heir of a noble lineage, struggling to understand your dark inheritance. Explore the ruins of the family estate, and the incredible realm below, seeking clues to your past, and to the events that severed you from your family long ago. The darkness below reaches back centuries, and your place in this story is about to become terrifyingly clear.

Caliban Below is a lucid dream made real – a gothic world, and a dark mystery, created by the academy award winning talent of Blackthorn Media. This is a short story, but part of a much larger world. You can get a different perspective on Caliban in The Abbot’s Book, also available on Viveport.

We have great ambitions for storytelling in this nascent medium – Please let us know if you like what you see. We hope to produce more of this story as the VR marketplace grows. Thanks for having a look!
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

User Reviews

Dec 17, 2018
One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever tried. For those who love mystic sceneries.

Nov 24, 2018
What a deep mind blowing experience. Dark ,cavernous, and enligthening. What our imagination can create and what is as within as without. Can’t wait for additional content.

Sep 05, 2018
This is a piece of art. You can call it a game, you can call it a visual poem, you can even call it a movie, but calling it just one of these would not do it justice.
It’s well written, well directed, well produced, graphically beautiful, and has some really intense moments for such a short experience.
Very very impressive, and please give us some more!

Sep 25, 2018
Really enjoyed this. An immersive and atmospheric short story that has you walk through an ancient crypt/tomb/shrine while your character narrates. It’s short and only lasts about 20 minutes depending on how much you look around. Loved the end. Give it a go!

Dec 31, 2018

Bonjour je souhaite juste dire que c’est vraiment dommage qu’en 2018 la VR ne se démocratise pas plus vite et que les ” jeux” ou plutôt les expériences ne sont que très rarement traduite en français, je le regrette et c’est ce qui m’empêche de pouvoir profiter de certains jeux qui m’intéressent .

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