Cast demo – Humble Sage Games

Released Jul 2018  3.9 ★★★★

Cast demo showcases how incredible it feels to be in the shoes of a wizard learning to cast spells with the wave of a magic wand. During the demo, players can levitate objects and blast enchanted suits of armour into pieces. The act of casting a spell is a fun and satisfying experience thanks to a robust gesture based system. To cast a spell you must successfully draw a magical rune in the air with your wand then aim at your target and fire. The type of rune determines which spell you will cast.

The full version of Cast is an open-world RPG currently under production.

User Reviews

Jan 06, 2019


this game looks fantastic i am so going to play it

Aug 20, 2018


Awesome, got the helmet stuck on the ledge

Aug 20, 2018


This is an awesome game. The room is stunning!

Jul 18, 2018



Aug 21, 2018


Has amazing potential. Looking forward to the full game 🙂

Jul 25, 2018


good game

Jun 02, 2019


ok for a free game

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