Cataclysmic Earth – Mandarin-VictoryVR

Released Jan 2019
Brave the biting cold of Iceland as you take in the splendid sights of the Blue Lagoon, geysers, and a waterfall. See how geography and its environmental impacts affect one another over time.

Control your speed as you race around the track of Neon Pulse, choosing lanes based on your knowledge of weather and climate facts. Answering questions correctly earns speed boosts for a faster time!

Ever wonder why tornadoes are ranked on a scale of 1-5? Satisfy your curiosity and more as you learn about the causes and effects of this tremendous weather phenomenon with Tornado Ted.

Everything is connected somehow–find out how as it relates to our environment. How do CO2 emissions, global warming, and the greenhouse effect affect biodiversity–everyone should understand how it’s all interrelated.

Visit Glacier National Park in Montana to discover the differences between advancing and retreating glaciers, and how each reflects changes in our planet’s composition. Goodness glaciers this is a good one!

As always, VictoryVR curriculum is stimulating and fun! Better yet, it’s rooted in the Next Gen Science Standards so it is directly linked with science teachings in today’s classrooms.

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