How you can use VR to date online in lockdown

So, lockdown happened. It makes dating seem like an impossibility right? Modern dating had already moved on a good deal since the courtship of our grandparents and none of us rely now on meeting a partner at work on a … Read more

The best VR headset in 2021

There are a whole host of games released in 2020 that make having the right Virtual Reality (VR) headset a must. Whether it is Half-Life: Alyx or Star Wars: Squadrons, the action is so much more immersive when viewed from … Read more

Eggs Catcher VR New Game Release, have announced a new game – Eggs Catcher VR. This game is an opportunity to feel nostalgic, remind yourself of the favourite game of the 1980s and look at the old traditions through the lens of virtual reality. It … Read more

VR News

VR News

VR News We may be standing still waiting for normal to return but those in virtual reality development are certainly not hanging around. As the stay at home orders are seen as the best hope for the long, long, long … Read more

Paper Beast – A Review

The premise With all the data created day-in-day-out, it is not hard to imagine a whole universe being created in this other place. Fair play to the developer with the vision to imagine this wonderfully colourful ecosystem, which is both … Read more

Some of the best VR headsets for business

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The best VR experiences for relaxation

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Shooting VR Porn

How VR Porn is Made

From early interactive DVDs to the latest 6K VR experiences, virtual porn has come a long way. Going behind the sexy stars and complex camera rigs, this deep dive into how VR porn is made covers shooting, editing, the current … Read more