DreamBack: VR Game Review

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Karnage Chronicles VR Game: Review

The premise The story? Well, every 5000 years or so there is a rift in the fabric of the cosmos – something about planets aligning. When this mammoth universal event occurs there is a chance to escape to death’s domain. … Read more

Asgard’s Wrath VR: Game Review

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Onward VR Game: Review

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Airborn VR Game: Review

The premise You are a superhero. This is always a great start to the premise of a game. You are flying through space, tick. You are a skilled shooter, tick. There are seemingly millions of robotic enemies trying to take … Read more

Zooma VR Game: Review

The premise Zooma has been a PC game since the beginning of time – or so it seems. Remember the concept of being in an ancient temple with all those symbols and the increasing tension as the balls get closer … Read more

In Death: Unchained – A Review

The premise This is a roguelike game that pits you against a range of demons in a dystopian landscape. There is archery and there are respawns – and generally quite a lot of death. The clue, as they say, is … Read more