In Death: Unchained – A Review

The premise This is a roguelike game that pits you against a range of demons in a dystopian landscape. There is archery and there are respawns – and generally quite a lot of death. The clue, as they say, is … Read more

Republique VR Game – A Review

The premise There is really nothing new to see here – this game has been out on smartphones, consoles and then PC since 2013. The only thing that is new is that it is now available on the Oculus Quest … Read more

Pistol Whip VR Game Review

The premise Pistol Whip is an arcade game, so you approach with the mentality of the 12-year-old on the joystick sucking a slush puppy. In modern game parlance, it is an unstoppable action-rhythm first-person shooter. You want the high score, … Read more

Dance Collider – A Review

The premise It is a dance game. Imagine you head to the arcade and you step up on that machine that lights the platform where you are meant to dance. This is the same sort of thing but on steroids … Read more

Vertigo Remastered – A Review

The premise This is a story-drive first-person shooter through the sprawling underground facilities of the Planck Interdimensional Quantum Reactor. You are an unnamed hero looking to use weapons and a teleportation gun to cope with robots and other angry lifeforms. … Read more

Dreams – A Review

The premise While Dreams was only released on PSVR on 22nd July 2020, it is not a new concept or experience. However, what is new is the introduction of VR tools in the suite of tools available, which allow you … Read more

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR – A Review

The premise So, we are always nervous about any game with a sinister toy in the thumbnail – we have childhood scars from Chucky films. Indeed, this is a collection of games full to the brim with some killer animatronics … Read more

Tetris Effect – A Review

The premise There is nothing new about Tetris. In fact, this VR game has been out on PSVR for over 18 months. However, as the game is new to Quest we thought we would give it a good look over. … Read more

Population One – A Review

The premise Population One is likely what most serious gamers have been looking for before making the switch to VR. This is a virtual reality Battle Royale gaming experience. You will be able to climb everything, build anything and fly … Read more