Five Nights at Freddy’s VR – A Review

The premise So, we are always nervous about any game with a sinister toy in the thumbnail – we have childhood scars from Chucky films. Indeed, this is a collection of games full to the brim with some killer animatronics … Read more

Tetris Effect – A Review

The premise There is nothing new about Tetris. In fact, this VR game has been out on PSVR for over 18 months. However, as the game is new to Quest we thought we would give it a good look over. … Read more

Population One – A Review

The premise Population One is likely what most serious gamers have been looking for before making the switch to VR. This is a virtual reality Battle Royale gaming experience. You will be able to climb everything, build anything and fly … Read more

No Man’s Sky Beyond – A Review

The premise So, in 2016, there was this big build-up and people were chattering endlessly about this new game that about to be released. And then it was released and people were like – what? I don’t get it. There … Read more

Half-Life: Alyx – A Review

The premise If you are not a gaming geek, you might be forgiven for not knowing about the Half-Life universe. You might also not have spent the last 13 years of your life hanging out for the next game in … Read more

Blunt Force – VR Game Review

The premise So, this is a game with two storylines and two game modes. There is the time before the war and the time during the war. There is the challenge game mode and then there is the arcade game … Read more

VR Phantom: Covert Ops – A Review

The premise This is a stealth action game that has been designed with virtual reality technology in mind. It feels like we have moved beyond the time when developers are creating cross-platform concepts, believing that a standard platform game can … Read more

Astro Bot Rescue Mission – A Review

The premise What? You haven’t heard of PlayStations Astro Bot Rescue Mission? Don’t worry. You wouldn’t be the only one, as the PSVR experiences more woes in getting the audience’s attention even when they create something of real quality. This … Read more

Space Station Simulator – A Review

The premise Space Station Simulator: Mission ISS is probably at the heart of many people’s dreams. We have all, at some time, thought about what it would like to be an astronaut. Even we never wanted to travel up to … Read more

The Wizards: Dark Times VR Logo

The Wizards: Dark Times VR – A Review

The premise This is the sequel to The Wizards, the spellcaster game where you are immersed in a rich fantasy world. As with the original, in this sequel, Dark Times, you are a mighty sorcerer looking to defend the realm … Read more