Cathedral-gaugepunk games

Released Jun 2017 4.0★
Cathedral is a VR experience that takes you into a stormy, dark, towering Gothic cathedral. There are several locations you can move between within the cathedral, from which you can explore in room scale.
There are many objects like candles and books which you can interact with.

Try out this eerie VR experience for yourself!

User Reviews

Feb 14, 2019
I like so much the style and the fellings but no mmuch interactivity

Jan 15, 2018
I couldn’t figure out how to move. The environment is kind of neat.

Apr 02, 2018
If you can overlook the lack of substance, there is a lot to enjoy about the beautiful world that gaugepunk games created in Cathedral. Outstanding sound design and stellar graphics bring the world to life in a really great way that makes it worth experiencing if you don’t mind aimlessly exploring a beautiful environment.

Jan 27, 2018

Pretty simple Poly project from the look of it. Textures and edges are terribly basic. If there is a way to move with the Vive, I was unable to discover it. Check out “The Abbot” and “The Bellows”.

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