CDF Starfighter VR – MAG Studios

Released Mar 2017   1.0

CDF Starfighter is an exciting, fun, and beautifully detailed VR space combat simulator immersing players into the experience of a star fighter pilot in the Colonial Defence Force Universe. Designed for VR from the ground up and Inspired by games such as Freespace, Wing Commander and Star Wars, CDF Starfighter focuses purely on space combat simulation.

Key Features :

Six degrees of freedom with a unique pick up and play control system.

4 Single player game modes.

Designed for VR from the ground up for comfort, fun and an immersive experience.

6 Different playable Ships.

Multiple game modes including challenges, simulations, scramble, and free flight.

Vast and beautiful locations from the CDF Universe.

Free flight mode for VR explorers.

20 hours + single Player content.

Prove your worth with player rankings and medals in scramble mode.

CDF Starfighter gives you the opportunity to become an elite starfighter pilot on an epic single player adventure in a non-linear story line. Designed from the ground up for VR and boasting a pick up and play control system CDF Starfighter puts you in the role of a space fighter pilot.

User Reviews


Dec 09, 2018
I do want to say something nice but the game needs to be updated to the steam verision it is in chinese and the valve controler does not work or the keyboard or the mouse you cant do anything I would like a refund

Jun 17, 2018
The menu is in Chinese and it does not respond to input from keyboard, mouse or controller.

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