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Released Dec 2016 4.0★
Child Of Ault is a tower-defense-shooting VR game, which will make you feel more real in game. In this game, your character is a boy who uses his magic catapult and tools to against wicked witches and defense your homeland.

Toy system:

If you want to succeed in battle, simply being the “best shot” is not enough, you also need a good strategy to manage your military forces.

Thankfully, you’re alone. Use your set of magic toys to defend against monsters’ attacks. Each toy has its specific skill, opening up multiple strategies to take on the monster attackers.
Place your arsenal along the path, between the monsters and your base and watch, as they fight with you to eliminate your enemies.

Weapon System:

Your catapult packs quite a punch, and can fire normal ammo or use up to three additional special skills, which burn , freeze, or electrocute the monster hordes. Take out as many monsters as you can to gain access to these special damage types.

Choose from multiple vantage points:

Move freely between towers, in order to get a better shot at the monsters and increase your chances of victory.

Playing instructions:

Hold your catapult with your left hand and fire your magic skills by pulling the spring backwards with your right hand.
Additionally, headshots count. Aim for the heads to gain maximum damage.
Use your wand to manage your skill distribution.

Go forth and protect your lands.

User Reviews

Sep 06, 2018
Super jeu de tower defense. Graphismes super agréables et gameplay très prenant.

Jun 17, 2019
I love it. This is so fun, Great game for the entire family. Love the chareters in the game as well as the graphics. Thank you for this adventure

Apr 10, 2019

The graphics were passable, but the animation waffled between “really poor” and “painful and embarrassing to watch”. If you’re going to have spoken dialog from characters appearing in the scene, at least make their lips move. I would rate the animation in this game a solid “Yikes.”

The English localization is bad. I mean REALLY bad. I mean “All of your base belong to us” bad. Go find the contractor that did your localization and demand a refund. Sue them if you have to.

Point of view and scale of the observer never feels right, especially when you’re on the top of your observation tower.

Help panels obscure the actions you’re trying to execute, and because you can’t see what you’re doing, you have to guess. Most of the time you guess wrong, because you literally can’t see what you’re doing.

The game shows promise, but with all these issues it’s unplayable.

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