Chinese Chess-深圳脑穿越科技有限公司

Released Apr 2019
In Chinese Chess AR, your chess piece is going to come alive. There is a ancient Chinese saying “A chess game is like a small world, though the world is actually a big chessboard”, let’s play this lively AR chess game!

Features of the game:
·Pieces in the battleground
In Chinese chess AR, every pieces of yours is part of the battleground, “Bing” are real soldiers holding spears, while “Ju” are the chariots smash towards the enemies. Every move matters, now general, command your troop to win the war!

·Exquisite model and movement
In every different movements, pieces will have actions and special effect accordingly, come feel the charm of the battle.

·Different difficulties
You can choose entrance level to practice your skills, and you can also choose master level to challenge the experienced adversary! Some few slip can be corrected.

·Have a taste of war and oriental wisdom?
Command and fight, you can experience ancient battle war and catch a glimpse of the wisdom and philosophy hidden beneath.

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