Chinese Cook VR-广东南海鹰视通达科技有限公司

Released Mar 2017 1.0★
Chinese Cook VR is a game about food which has a strong Chinese style.
Antique Chinese tranditional inns,
Various Chinese tranditional food materials,
Different styles Chinese eight cuisines,
I believe it will be a feast about Chinese elemental vision and culture.
Let’s start to prepare for a plain home cooking!
Chinese archaic and life practical education

User Reviews

Jul 27, 2017

i was hoping that there would of been more to this game such as some sort of challenges like counter fight but no. kind of boring.

Apr 18, 2017

Not recommended for Viveport subscription. Feels like Job Simulator without the fun — it’s tedious and plodding following the steps with no clear progression after you make a meal. Graphics are crude and objectives aren’t shown clearly in English.

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