Christmas (VR) Workshop: The Elf Challenge-SENSE-R

Released Jan 2019
Become one of Santa’s little helpers and help sort the color-coded presents into the right bags.

The Elf Challenge is a Christmas themed activity game with spectator friendly display options. Players can see their elf-hands within the headset, while spectators see can see the user’s avatar as an elf. Players can walk around, explore and interact with various items within Santa’s Workshop. There are 3 bags to be filled with presents arriving via a chute- the player needs to grab, places or throw the boxes in the colour-coded bags to earn points.

Options and Settings:
3 speed settings for Easy, Normal and Hard challenge
3 minutes/ player
Scores and time countdown displayed within the game.

Features and Interactions:
High-quality CGI graphics with 360 degree view
Surround sound and ambient music
5 “camera” angles for a dynamic spectator experience.
Free movement and interaction points
Easy calibration options for different size users (small child to tall adult)

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