Cosmic-Attack VR. Blast from the past.-Cosmic attack VR

Released Apr 2018 4.3★
Cosmic attack VR takes you to a universe of pure addictive arcade gameplay revisited and augmented through VR !
Shoot, build your defense and teleport to get the highest score you can ! Do not forget to use you bonuses at the right time to get thru the whole 50 levels of the game and sky rocket your scoring.
It is now your time to play the game !

User Reviews

Dec 30, 2018
This is by far, one of, if not THE, coolest VR game that I own and I own more than several! Galaga and Space Infaders got together, had a baby and named it Cosmic Attack and it is GOOD! I mean, really good! I was immediately impressed! After one play thru it’s an instant hit in the favorites lineup. GET THIS GAME! You will NOT be disappointed!

Nov 25, 2018
This is by far the best Space Invader inspired game to date!

Nicolas Carre-Gea
Apr 09, 2018
Nice retro vibe for a fresh and fun shooter, based on a classic recipe, but with its own take and a few nice tricks.

Apr 21, 2019
Fast and complex. Your guns can shoot, or build blocks, or turn into shields. You can teleport left or right with the left or right grip.

Dec 28, 2018
Really sad to see this doesn’t support Rift. Also really frustrating that Viveport knows I have a Rift and yet still let’s me accidentally chose Vive-only games… sure it was my mistake, but it’s not exactly in-your-face about compatibility issues the way Steam is. I honestly don’t understand why any dev would keep a game exclusive to one headset… that’s just limiting your user base and reducing your sales.

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