CREEP RIDES-4 Fun Studio Inc.

Released May 2019 3.5★
Creep Rides is a pack of 3 virtual reality rides on a track, just like the haunted mansion ride that you may have tried in an amusement park.
It’s not a roller coaster.
The first theme ride is a trip to the hell of course if you ben a nasty person.
The second is in an abandoned gold mine that progress in caves with glowing vegetations and creepy creatures.
The third ride is a tour of an old creepy gory castle.
The best way to experience those rides is to sit on a chair.

1- Place a real chair over the virtual (torture) chair at the beginning of the experience.
2- Select a ride by touching one of the magic bubbles, in front of you, with one of your virtual hands or by using your keyboard.
-key a for ride 1.
-key b for ride 2.
-key c for ride 3.
-key r for the main menu.

Make sure that you have a real chair before sitting down in the virtual chair because you might hurt yourself.

User Reviews

Nov 01, 2019
Incredible level of detail. Way better than I expected. My system has a problem with the loading screens so the visual cuts out between scenes, but other than that a solid A game. Best “Haunted House” in all of VR.
Edit (11/1/19) Figured out the loading screen issue is my machine. Not the dev’s fault. Gets the 5th star for everything that goes on during the ride.
Note to Dev: If you are thinking of adding a scene, consider an Ancient Egyptian Tomb. You’d be really good at it.

Jun 17, 2019
Great sound and lighting. Awesome scale with enviroment. Dont know why hands/controllers are present during ride. They are more of a distraction than a purpose. The multiple loadings disturb the ambiance. Sit in a swivel chair to look around easier. Being a first build, I’m impressed.

May 27, 2019
Great Halloween Horror Experience Ride.

Graphics are okay and theres some scares no many but if you like halloween, great ride to show your friends

May 20, 2019
I think that this game has the potential to be great, and will be a fun scary ride for new comers to VR. The graphics are good, and some of the models themselves are pretty terrifying. My only complaint is the lack of actual scares. Everything just seems static. Dont’ get me wrong things in the enviroments are moving….but like a robotic/prop movement. In the same motion over and over again. That is not scary. Even my 10 year old daughter (who is scared of everythign btw) said it was not that scary. If you (developer) were to add more jump scares into the rides, things that actually “jumped out at you/popped out/screamed” and scared you, I think this could be an amazing scary ride game.

Jun 16, 2019
Well, this ride is fun……… but not really scary. There is just much going on around you that you don’t really have time to focus on what could scare you. Anyhow, it’s like a carnival ride that’s so chock full of nuts. I personally like stuff like this but you may not.

If you are looking for something scary check out Haunted Mine Ride.

Side note: You need a 1080 ti to get a solid 90 FPS – I SS up to 1.5 but there are some areas where it it choke your framerate down a bit.

Oct 27, 2019

No proper Cosmos controller support. I can never even get past the touch start bubble because it does not show your hands. Actually work ok with my Oculus Rift cv1 though.

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