Cube Monster-Ardigitc

Released Apr 2017
If you wanna have a good time and play with your friends this is the shooting game for YOU!

Multiplayer game: P1 = HTC Vive + P2 = Joystick or keyboard.

Great work-out!!
Monsters come fast and you have to kill them, but not all your weapons will work with them.. that’s why your partner (P2) will help you by releasing elements to add to your arrow to kill them!

AWESOME!! I want to know more…

Cube Monster is a Multiplayer game, works on HTC VIVE and Xbox joystick or PC Keyboard, players can take turns using the VR headset and controller to play. We have 10 levels on the first stage, cooperation between players it’s the key, if you are fast enough you will be taken to the second stage.

* Cooperation:
The players need to cooperate and it’s the key to survived, you can shield your partner to avoid the monsters approaching the area, release arrow power sources with the joystick, use the green button to send heal powers to regain lives before your sight looses color, earn rubies and more…

* Arrow power resources:
Healing powers

* Spin:
Practice your archery and move fast to defeat the monsters.

* View from above:
Move around, zoom, watch monsters location, use your shield to block monsters.

* Earn rubies:
After killing the monsters, rubies will be accumulated and be used to upgrade your weapon.
How to upgrade?
Press grip button on VIVE controller, a panel will display above the controller, hold for 2 sec. and the multiple arrows will activate.

* Levels:
We designed a 10 level game where you will encounter different kinds of monsters if you survive night will come and you will have a sticky surprise with The Slimes, with more levels, remember to use all your element resources and cooperation with your protector is vital.

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