Custom Maid 3D 2

Custom Maid 3D 2 is a visual novel with VR support. The game revolves around a host club where beautiful girls entertain wealthy clients.

The game features a wide variety of customization options for the player-made maids. These include personality voice options and the ability to adjust their pitch.

Character Customization

The character customization in Custom Maid 3D 2 is pretty extensive. There are many different body types and facial parts to choose from, as well as hairstyles and colours. The game also allows the player to adjust the characters’ height and breast size. The voice pitch can be adjusted as well.

The game also has a wide range of dance songs that can be played in the dance mode. The game allows players to watch each maid dance and even change their viewpoints. The characters can even be removed from the scene at any time. The game also has a free camera mode that the player can use to take creative screenshots.

Custom Maid 3D is the second instalment of KISS’s popular maid simulation series. It features a new character named Mari Seido, who works at Empire Club along with Mafuyu Himuro and Risa Takizawa. Its story is about saving the club from debt and its founder’s mysterious past. The maids help the protagonist train the club’s servants and expand the club’s empire.

After choosing a maid, you can decide their daily schedule, which will affect how much they earn from jobs and training activities. You can also change their yogi stats to raise their popularity or unlock their sex actions. Each sex action requires a certain number of maid points and has a maximum stamina limit.

In the sex actions menu, you can choose the girls’ fetishes, which will change their sex act animations and the lines they say during the sex. You can also choose which type of sex act they will do, but this doesn’t make any difference in their overall sex behaviour.

Another interesting feature is the game’s harem mode, which lets you have threesomes and swap with preset couples. The game has a wide variety of rooms and accessories, a pole dance room, and a song. You can also customize the room and furniture to suit your liking. You can also create sex scenes with the girls using the game’s photo editor.


The gameplay in Custom Maid 3D 2 is pretty interesting. It has more features than you would expect from a game of this genre. It has a lot of gambling options and even a weird dance game. The girls in the game are also customizable. This is a pretty interesting game, especially for those into ero games.

The game occurs in the Empire Club, a high-class club where maids entertain customers in various ways. The game is set up like a dating sim, but some differences exist. The maids act as hostesses and dancers when not serving the customer directly. The maids can also act as escorts if trained for that job. The game also has a variety of erotic events and mini-games, such as a casino and a massage parlour.

You can play the game in a VR headset, which is very nice. The game uses the opener engine, which will work with most systems. It has some stuttering during the initial load, but it runs fine once it gets past that. There are also some issues with animation lag in conversation and Yogi.

Another new feature is Guest Mode, which lets you become a customer at the club and get served by the maids. You can also customize the three maids in this mode. It is worth noting that maids with v cards keep them until you take them in Yotogi.

The sequel to the original Custom Maid, this game allows you to train your maids through specific activities (mostly H). Higher girl levels raise stats, and higher level-specific skills unlock more activity options. There are also a couple of things that you can do with your maids outside the club: Soap Land and SM Club. The former will give your girls experience in sex but won’t change their yoga experience, and the latter will add places for the girl to work. Using the NTR blocker removes these two features, making the game a harem sim.


Custom Maid 3D 2 It’s a Night Magic is the sequel to the first game in the series, and it’s a pretty big upgrade. There’s more to do, and the story is more involved. The main story is about the Empire Club, a place for high-class customers to go and have fun. The maids are there to entertain them in various ways. They can do various things, such as dance, hostess duties, or yoga. They can even become idols and have romance stories with the customers.

Unlike the first game, this one has a lot more text scenes. Some are naughty, and some are just plain sad, making the experience more realistic. The game also has new maids that join the club and are available for the player to play with. Some of these maids have different fetishes and desires. They are also available in a more varied colour palette than the original game.

The story in the game is quite long and has some branching paths. It even has a story mode that goes into the three main maids becoming idols. It’s not something most players will care about, but it is there if you want to see it.

As in the previous game, you can make the maids free or exclusive. Free maids earn more money and get titles for sex acts with customers. The main three starting maids also have their own 4 scene substory with a customer.

This time around, there are three personality types in the game. These are categorized as the pure girl (muku), render (rudder) or serious (Hajime). They affect what the maids say in sex scenes, and there are a few sex animations unique to each character. It’s not much, but it’s a nice touch. The game is also more lenient in how much sex you can do. You can do threesomes, neoterize and swap with preset couples as sex events. The game also has a pole dance room and song for the players to enjoy.


Custom Maid 3D 2 offers more advanced character customization and real mechanics than other Eroge games. It also comes with native VR support. The game features various outfits, backgrounds and poses for your maid. These options, however, only serve as aesthetics. In addition, the game features many night skills, dances and events that can be triggered.

Compared to its predecessor, the game has improved character creation, night skills, dances, and more events. The game is also constantly being upgraded, with the developers adding more content for a small fee. However, it is not a pure sandbox simulation like Artificial Academy 2 and requires a certain degree of commitment to progress.

The game can be played with normal and high-poly maids, but some events and Yogi cannot be played with a mix. For example, some yoga events require fixed costumes that maids can only wear with a normal body.

The game was released on 24-07-2015 by KISS. It’s available for PC. You can get it from Steam or digital distribution stores like Humble and GOG. Historical follower and concurrent player data are available for free, indie, and business accounts.